by Jeremy Danté


through my desire to create a greater sense of connectivity with you as an audience, i conceptualized a new weekly segment that will run every sunday, on my youtube channel. as a secondary off-set of jeremydanté.com, my youtube audience has grown, but none can compete with the audience that has been constructed through the content i’ve streamlined here. it’s always been about bridging the gap, creating a sense of community and the idea that, hey- we have a place here too. slated to air on the first day of fall, september 22nd, i wanted to create a series that would allow me to showcase more of me. though deeply personal, the content i provide or choose to dedicate energy to in this space is only a glimpse at who i am. i’d like to add another layer to that. the fashion report served it’s purpose, but through production, it felt too heavy, too uniformed as a report. there seemed to lack a sense of personality, which was almost hidden amidst industry chatter and new headlines. this new series will see me undertaking the task of showcasing what ties industries together, through my own level of taste, and my vision for what is new, now and next.

part of what has intrigued my audience of readers is my combination of presentation and sensibility with content. there are some things that are better left unsaid, just as there are some things better spoken than written. this new web series will see me tackling content from another standpoint, it will act as a free standing entity apart from this site, but will naturally resonate through a greater sense of relativity, as all things in the universe are connected. in personal conversations about the importance of this series, i’ve often discussed the idea of audience. i would like to think that, you, my audience are simply an extension of me. in the same ways that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, substance is in the mind of the reader. as the creator, producer of such content, you are the individuals who feed me in the same regard that i aim to feed you. while other bullshit blogs attempt to control their demographics through toting sales, or promoting labels- we discuss them. this an experience of discovering who you are, at the core, this is not about distracting you from reality, it’s about promoting greater self awareness within that realm of what it real. this is about expanding mindsets, not minimizing them. it’s about creating a subset of knowledge in relation to style that promotes a true representation of who you are through style. style is never being limited to just clothes, but the idea that- i put this shit on because this is essentially a part of my being. it’s about being a leader.

this process is about standing tall in your individuality to go beyond the confines of beauty, externally, to inspire trend, not to follow it. trend is a marketing tool used by an industry to incite sales, to move units to affect a bottom line. are you more than a financial statistic? are you a mere fiscal figure discussed in a board room? as a consumer, as a self-aware individual- that holds power. we should only be concerned with the business of representing ourselves. through our choices of clothing, our choices of music- while some may like to think there is no correlation, there indeed is. this series, for me, is to showcase what inspires me, what drives me, and to push the boundary of the ways in which i share myself with you, not as an audiences but as friends who have shared in my talents, in my love and my visibility as an artist. i felt it necessary to come and speak through writing, since that has served as a strong platform for the ways i am able to communicate, effectively. the sense of connection, besides industries, is to bridge the gap between me and you as well. there is no greater form of gratitude that i could ever share with you, than to share more.

in this age, it’s very easy for individuals to crosshair artistry for narcissism. or for others to misunderstand a level of substance for unnecessary drama. all in all, there are too many characters vying for one role that they’ve been taught exists. if everyone is trying to fit into this one mold, it’s in your best interest to serve as best you can in the role of being yourself. this moment, that will be this series, is to showcase and shed light and what i have done within my own process of self discovery. it’s about centering focus on how you can be a stronger you, and the greatest artist to create the life you want. it’s about progression, evolution- improvement. always about improvement. i hope that you share a little bit of your time with me from week to week, as i take on the challenge of creating content that can hold your interest, while culminating our love of strong visuals, vivid sounds and high impact methods of communicating. next sunday, see you there.