by Jeremy Danté


as the headlining basis of this space, models have always been the epicenter. shedding a bit of light, while being cautious not to give it all away, i have been working on an interview series for the past year. thinking of the concept, collecting confirmations from some of our favorite models and trying to create content that i feel exists in the same lane. as i grow as a writer, i grow as a person and find ways that i am represented, as an individual, in the things i love most. the persona of models is one of complete intrigue for me, as there is often a misunderstanding or misconception of such persons, outside of their respective industries. though i hate the term ‘fashion blog’, i will say that this space will always be in that lane. while i’ve opted to expand the sense of fashion, as it relates to style through it’s correlation to greater culture; i understand myself which is why i’ve been able to generate an audience over the few years i’ve been doing this. i’ve never felt like one site was catering to me as an individual, i always felt i had to go to multiple sites for different things and then somehow form my own opinion; hence the birth of my site. this interview series will see me comparatively connecting models to you. a connection which has been long over due.

in the ways that they have affected our perception of beauty, in the ways that they have excelled through their own journey. there is often a disconnect between the work being done by models and the influence that garners greater respect, for those who lack knowledge. without models, there are no fashion shows- only presentations. there are no magazines, cause do you honestly give a fuck that jennifer lawrence landed the september issue of vogue? no! you want to see models. you wanna see someone who knows their angles, not some awkward kristen stewart bullshit. that’s not glamour- that’s what models are for.  they are the mascots of beauty and style. they are pioneers as small businesses unto themselves, collectively and even more powerfully as individuals. through developing an understanding and acknowledgement of this, means progress. we’ve moved beyond the segments on editorial or runway reviews, as an audience, you ‘re needing more, i feel that in my gut. the raising of that bar is essential to my creative process.

this series will serve, just that. more. it’s about not only challenging the mindset, but effectively expanding it. to reveal something not so obvious, in an obvious format with unsuspecting characters; whom are very visible in the industry which has sparked this dialogue. in representing fashion in the ways that it should be done, this series will introduce you to models you have seen on the scene for years, and allow them to be seen with greater sense of depth. we’re gonna deep sea dive into the fashion industry first starting with the unsung heros of the industry, which are the models. though we love photographers, designers and yes, the editors- there is no element more profoundly important than that of the models. it’s all about the models. this content segment that i am producing will make motions to further build bridges and identify ties to you, as the reader. excited to no end, i am extremely proud to be given the honor of speaking with such industry talents and furthermore, am blessed to have been provided the opportunity, through creativity, to showcase such in this manner. coming this fall, each model’s interview will run one week at a time. the series will be staggered out, allowing you the opportunity to understand each models journey and identify why i’ve hand selected them to be a part of this series. i don’t often take time to categorize my content, aside from the fact that i feel it stands alone. im scratching the surface, but it’s always been about representing more than fashion- it’s been about speaking on the ways how it represents, us. you and me, in vivid color.