it’s been a long standing tradition here at jeremydanté.com to raise the bar. who remembers when i used to redesign my layout annually? or who has been reading long before i was even housed at this web address and was still sub-domained? we’ve definitely evolved together and throughout this proposed content blockbuster of editorial coverage, i wanted to take a moment to recognize where we’ve been. in order to move onward and upward, a check point is necessary. the content that is being served up throughout today has been long drafted in my archives, but i’ve wanted to streamline content and a new direction in a way that wouldn’t make you feel jolted. though i love high fashion, i don’t want to be confined by it, i don’t want to allow my creativity to be held to any standard other than my own. by taking the opportunity to speak to my own audience, in my own words, i’ve learned a lot about who i am, who am i not and who i am destined to become.

in pursuit of these creative dreams, i’ve been able to align all of what i do to a standing theme of awareness. in speaking through my series, sundays with danté, or in speaking on forms of media or entertainment, the ways i’ve learned to identify aspects or differences of myself through such content is my greatest accomplishment. over the years, i’ve met and spoke with thousands about fashion, perception and simple opinion. we’ve gained friends, lost some and have also made the choice to detach from some. it’s all a part of the refinement process in becoming your greatest self. to discuss the parallels of hype and execution simply indicates to me, the pressure one feels to create. whilst receiving press over time, i started to feel like i was succumbing to the idea of how people perceived me rather than creating in my own organic state, free to think of my own influences rather than the influences of others for the sake of greater publicity. what is super dope to me, in this space, i have built a dialogue around something that i love. in functioning within the parameters of that pure love, i have been able to realize my own potential, to move past the idea of hype and go straight to execution. no tolerance for mediocrity or those who believe in anything other than affecting the art form.

realization is the first step, and i definitely aim to make greater leaps and bounds to execute on a higher playing field where i no longer need to worry about hype. there have been many characters in and around what i do and have done, and over time it’s become easier and easier to categorize such characters. in dissecting culture, society and the ways that media promotes things like beauty, age and race- i’ve been able to function with greater clarity. thus allowing my approach to execution to function much more freely. all this shit might not be making sense to you, but the idea of this space began with only my own development in mind and the fact that anyone has been interested enough to read, is success enough in my mind. for individuals, apart from me, to show care for my view point or to even wonder, or take action to question certain composition or perceptions is exactly what the internet and human interaction are supposed to do, this day in age. while my direction will continue to become refined and will alter slightly to reflect that change in quality, i hope that you understand the correlation between all content seen here. consistency is the greater goal. to successfully identify a theme that creates an emotional connection to image, for you, through your own imagination. while others may have the right machines backing them to function with greater levels of press and visibility, our work is from pure execution- no hype. what is discovered here in this space is known to be honest and true. we represent independent voices, and that has been my aim in giving myself the title, the face of fashion blogging in 2008. in identifying stronger sense of direction through understanding of visuals and sounds, no hype is greater than the belief one has in themselves.




PARIS – perhaps one of the darker documentaries in the realm of fashion, of my collection. yves saint laurent’s life was riddled with bouts with addiction, depression and all through each of those struggles was pierre bergé. in the documentary, you get an inside look at laurent’s private residence and score a glimpse at his astounding art collection. the film re-traces the meeting of both pierre and yves, when yves was appointed creative director at christian dior in 1947 when he was 21 years of age. cited as business partners, the love between bergé and laurent appears stern and unbreakable. the documentary is heavily weighed down with dark music, and discussion of love and it’s craziness, ringing true to the films title. an emotionally gripping look at the dedication of bergé to yves saint laurent, the documentary reveals footage of laurent’s funeral, as well as private film footage from the 70’s when yves saint laurent was hanging around a young mick jagger and socializing with andy warhol. a legendary reputation in fashion, yves saint laurent’s passing resulted in an auction of certain art pieces, which you become acquainted with through the documentary. showcasing the dark side of a love story rather than the glitz that is often associated with high fashion; i like this documentary for it’s blunt and sometimes forcefull glare at high fashion, and dimensions of love. bergé recounts his life with yves and shares personal stories of triumph while sharing how he was affected by the famed designers own struggles. an interesting look at the life of yves saint laurent, but one you need to be prepared for mentally. with all the glamorous documentaries out there, this provides range to any fashion documentary collection, and gives you a deeper look into the lives of those who provide inspiration.


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intially filled with doubt, the aesthetic that alexander wang has begun creating during his creative beginnings at balenciaga is that of intense interest for me. i love to see how new designers adapt to an existing heritage, and also love to see how american influences are applied to the international fashion design approach. overall, alexander wang has proven to be a force in fashion through his own label, which houses a name-sake collection, and a diffusion line of basics, t by alexander wang. through his utilization of street inspiration, an active wear; i had wondered what wang would apply to balenciaga’s robust archive of influential design.

i wondered if wang could even amount to former creative direction, nicholas ghesquiere, which blew my doubts up to extreme proportions. but when wang’s debut collection for the spanish house walked the ultra-exclusive catwalk at the balenciaga salon. the collection was tight and right, the clothes were dark and expressed a true sense of wang’s approach of style, with inclusion of street elements, but mindful comparability to balenciaga house signature. volume is one of the biggest influences at balenciaga, the house is credited for it’s alteration to the ways that women seen silhouette and shape. much of that was provided in wang’s debut collection at the label while what you seen was a balance of both hard and soft. soft were the silhouettes while painted leathers crackled their way onto the runway, which housed a tight 34 looks. a marriage of taste was seen in a vibrant, yet underplayed way. just enough to reel you in, but subtle enough to keep you guessing and wanting to know more. wang spoke in interviews saying he was, “identifying codes of the house” to produce modern translations in wardrobe form.

in his young age, alexander wang has done great things in the years he has spent designing clothes. his approach is modern and revitalized, providing a fresh glance of the future while we see nostalgic nods to elements we’ve long loved, and sometimes have forgotten. wang represents the new generation of visionaries in design, that allow bouts of culture to become utilized as taste level indicators. it’s about an attitude for him, and has been through his own work. the influential work of cristobal balenciaga is still very much under valued and has been historically in the world of high fashion. wang brings forth a visibility for a young demographic that will enhance the labels heritage by reigniting some of what was created back in 30’s. while this young demographic may serve well through publicity, wang’s approach can assist the pre-existing balenciaga clientele with a different take on things. one thing the balenciaga label has become synonymous with is innovation, and in this new chapter for the house- that innovation seems to be more balanced with a greater sense of functionality. that pure innovation will always live in those balenciaga archives, but in the last three collections that wang has created at balenciaga, he seems to be spot on and has a vibrant voice that speaks volumes to his sensibility of spanish style, with european appeal and american function.


Marc loicINTERNATIONAL – originally i intended to speak on the time that this was filmed as being the height of marc jacobs’ career at louis vuitton, but that’s improper. the height continued upward throughout his career, as he consistently assisted from an impeccable creative stance, to help maintain vuitton’s luxe credibility. while i had just begun to spin my fashion on film documentary review series, it was announced that marc would part ways with vuitton. when news of his departure hit, i knew i had to own the documentary as a part of my growing collection of fashion films. only having seen the film twice before owning it, the contrast of marc jacobs the person, and the division between his roles at marc jacobs the label, and vuitton were very interesting. i loved the editing by way of loîc pringent, and appreciated the quirky editing and visual affects. you got to see marc jacobs at both studios, as well as traveling between the two. documented was the process of creating collections for his own name sake label and at louis vuitton. the title is fitting, quite literally, because you understood the balance between the two, the differences and the the similarities. as a must see for all fashion kids, you see that marc jacobs is an icon of fashion and creativity unlike any other. he has allowed the globalization of fashion to come together effortlessly. his approach to publicity and his approach to art have paved the way for the fashion industries evolution, and that’s not to mention his exceptional level of execution with designing handbags, and creating campaigns that go against the grain. the documentary provides insight to the ways in which marc collections inspiration and entertainingly gives you an exclusive look into his life. this is one of my favorite documentaries, as an american- to understand that true taste can be culminated in a number of ways through unexpected forms of inspiration. marc is an unforgettable character, even outside his iconic career. due to it’s international appeal, this one might be harder to find.



artist development is one aspect of the music industry that seems to be extinct. in the past five years, we’ve seen a greater emergence of true artists, who are in control of the image that they promote. artists in the musical market are expected to be pre-packaged, it seems. with talents on the scene like lady gaga and rihanna, two of the most downloaded musical acts in history, the formula for success has been changed all together. you need an image, grab the audience, hold the audience. the days of multi-million first day sales are long gone, hence the reason some cite the music industry as dying. a death of music? highly unlikely, but the rules of engagement are definitely changing. with dominance of the download age and the rise of the internet all together, indie is now major. no one understands this more than solange knowles.

an artist who has successfully arrived through greater creative execution and self awareness. as a mother, young woman and artist- solange is an individual well on the rise, growing stronger and stronger every year with each project. as the kid sister and break out solo star of the beyoncé knowles family- i say beyoncé knowles because the family’s entrance into music was built on her talents- solange rides the tide with true poise. while the earlier efforts of solange weren’t as alluring as some of her more recent, in my opinion, she always displayed true skill in songwriting as well as creative process. through the hands of label executives, solange was poised as a young star but it was always distinctively tied to her big sister. a breakaway needed to occur, a separation of sorts. she appeared alongside other like stars in her age range, most memorably for me on the track, “true love” which seen solange taking the hook and a bridge and borrowing lyrics from luther vandross.

now she’s come very far, and her potential realized with her album, sol-angel and the hadley street dreams. songwriting metaphor and production genius was housed on that album, which seemed to garner greater reviews than her big sister, who dropped an album the same year. like a bird taking flight, solange’s growth became very apparent on the project and audiences were listening. over time, solange has grown into industry relationships which have nurtured her creative persona in ways that greatly align her own personal development flawlessly. while beyoncé is no doubt a superstar, what is your perception of superstar power? i don’t subscribe to comparisons, unless they bring fourth elevated awareness, and in my mind the true artist of the knowles family is little sister solange. while beyoncé is without a doubt, the greatest female performer in musical history, artistry can only be founded on the basis of angst, failure and pain- much like many artists of the past, in all variations of the form.

i admire solange’s musical efforts for their relentless presence. the idea that one can fall, only to again take flight and reach higher heights is the true sense of star power and with her recent compilation release, ‘saint heron’ from her own saint records- more is definitely to come for the superstar who rides the current, slighly under the industry radar. slept on in the greatest regard, solange has teamed with puma leading a creative team to design sneakers and with her own label, will see opportunity to nurture other creatives and artists in the ways that stay true to the art of music. the truth about solange is no secret, it’s only revealing to the idea that artistry is developed through lessons, references, struggles and growth. i celebrate solange and women like her who represent individuals of color in the vein of their influential worth.



age is inevitable. we know that. but an interesting thing has been happening with women in the media. these forms of media being the fashion and film industry, it appears as though the concept of age has shifted. in they hey day of the 60’s the youth quake brought about the idea that everything needed to be young and carefree. that theme of youth remained in fashion, and has likely always been there. it’s the idea that all models should be young and each girl has a short timeline for the life of her career. in the basis of beauty, even outside of the runway, such maintenance of beauty is seemingly unrealistic. we’ve graduated now to the idea of aging gracefully. one of the first times i seen a celebration of women, of age, was in film with one of my all time favorites, the cult classic, ‘the first wives club’. it was the first time that i seen women, who were not in their pre-teens all coming together to discuss or portray issues that real women face every day. around that time, supermodels were still ruling the world, and in a sense they never really stopped. at present time, the original supers still posses an all powerful grasp on the world of consumerism and fashion. when you see cindy crawford, linda evangelista, christy turlington or the ever ageless, naomi campbell- it’s still a sight to see.

what the supers did for women, was create a realized mascot of beauty. these women were pioneers of cosmetics, genetics and super styled fashion direction. long before the days of botox, and the surge of plastic surgery, those women had females trying out different make-up techniques and playing with silhouettes. while those models very rarely walk the catwalks as they used to, they continue to book campaigns and covers. their visibility is still undeniable. all in their 40’s presently, the girls have created a greater pathway and career trajectory for models. age no longer seems like a boundary, or an unspoken issue. there is a clear focus on imperfections as reality, and thus of beauty. they bring to mind the idea of women and aging.

women in fashion can often surpass the idea of aging, when subscribing to undeniably chic style. if you look at anna wintour, anna dello russo, the eternally chic carine roitfeld or even elle fashion director, kate lanphear- all are women of age. but their incredible minds, in business and style, allow you not to think about their age, but their power through greater forms of mind. beauty is correlated to age, which is closely related to perception. if beauty can change in the minds of those who think of it, age is the same approach. your age, the ways you celebrate or conceal it are all entirely up to you. as we understand the greater complexities of us, as people, only then can we combat industry politics or break the walls that keep many talented individuals out of certain business ventures. with the breakdown of age, beauty and color- we find ourselves inching closer to the cure. the cure for all forms of discrimination that lead us to dead end roads filled with love and understanding. i’ve watched as women of age, age gracefully, becoming more and more powerful through the years of lessons learned and love lost. i wanted to speak to this mindset in my journey of introducing new content that leads you, my reader, to greater awareness. take an understanding of the world around you, to understand how best to strategize to make a better way. perception is everything.


P1NEW YORK – i discovered this documentary filmed by former model, sara ziff, when i had that annoying moment in new york with the PR bitch from hell. after experiencing a bit of fashion, from a real perspective, i questioned whether or not i was moving in the right direction. the story that sara ziff captured in this documentary provided a harsh and realistic experience in the world of high fashion. speaking with models about their experiences, the documentary is glaring and some times uncomfortable. race was not addressed in the documentary, and only one glimpse of naomi campbell was seen. it documents sara getting signed to an agency and booking a tommy hilfiger campaign, as well as booking a runway casting for marc jacobs. also discussed are the attitudes towards the large sums of money that models are paid and how behavior of individuals around them may shift because of it. the interesting, not so progressional approach, to the way that this documentary was captured allows for a greater sense of grit to be experienced. filmed by ziff’s then boyfriend, ole schell, the couple experience the incredible highs of being a high fashion model and discover many of the dark sides. in high fashion, many have heard the stories of terry richardson, and his sexual exploits with young models whom he basically victimizes. while the documentary doesn’t point directly at him, and terry makes a cutting cameo without any real camera air time, many of the stories that the models mentioned seemed to be associated with him. using vague vocabulary like, ‘well known photographer’ protected the models from suffering filing of lawsuits, but it was clear who a couple of the models were talking about. gripping and emotional, the documentary maintains its sense of realness as a range of models are interviewed throughout, edited in a way that supports the experiences that ziff speaks out about. the one down side for this documentary is that is does not involve models of color. truth be told, a greater issue would have been discussed otherwise. this is probably one of the realest documentaries about modeling i have seen, there are no others like it on the market. it took home ‘best fashion film’ at the milan international film festival. a must see for any aspiring models, who may not be as aware of the true price models pay for the glitz and glamour of the illustrious fashion industry.