by Jeremy Danté


age is inevitable. we know that. but an interesting thing has been happening with women in the media. these forms of media being the fashion and film industry, it appears as though the concept of age has shifted. in they hey day of the 60’s the youth quake brought about the idea that everything needed to be young and carefree. that theme of youth remained in fashion, and has likely always been there. it’s the idea that all models should be young and each girl has a short timeline for the life of her career. in the basis of beauty, even outside of the runway, such maintenance of beauty is seemingly unrealistic. we’ve graduated now to the idea of aging gracefully. one of the first times i seen a celebration of women, of age, was in film with one of my all time favorites, the cult classic, ‘the first wives club’. it was the first time that i seen women, who were not in their pre-teens all coming together to discuss or portray issues that real women face every day. around that time, supermodels were still ruling the world, and in a sense they never really stopped. at present time, the original supers still posses an all powerful grasp on the world of consumerism and fashion. when you see cindy crawford, linda evangelista, christy turlington or the ever ageless, naomi campbell- it’s still a sight to see.

what the supers did for women, was create a realized mascot of beauty. these women were pioneers of cosmetics, genetics and super styled fashion direction. long before the days of botox, and the surge of plastic surgery, those women had females trying out different make-up techniques and playing with silhouettes. while those models very rarely walk the catwalks as they used to, they continue to book campaigns and covers. their visibility is still undeniable. all in their 40’s presently, the girls have created a greater pathway and career trajectory for models. age no longer seems like a boundary, or an unspoken issue. there is a clear focus on imperfections as reality, and thus of beauty. they bring to mind the idea of women and aging.

women in fashion can often surpass the idea of aging, when subscribing to undeniably chic style. if you look at anna wintour, anna dello russo, the eternally chic carine roitfeld or even elle fashion director, kate lanphear- all are women of age. but their incredible minds, in business and style, allow you not to think about their age, but their power through greater forms of mind. beauty is correlated to age, which is closely related to perception. if beauty can change in the minds of those who think of it, age is the same approach. your age, the ways you celebrate or conceal it are all entirely up to you. as we understand the greater complexities of us, as people, only then can we combat industry politics or break the walls that keep many talented individuals out of certain business ventures. with the breakdown of age, beauty and color- we find ourselves inching closer to the cure. the cure for all forms of discrimination that lead us to dead end roads filled with love and understanding. i’ve watched as women of age, age gracefully, becoming more and more powerful through the years of lessons learned and love lost. i wanted to speak to this mindset in my journey of introducing new content that leads you, my reader, to greater awareness. take an understanding of the world around you, to understand how best to strategize to make a better way. perception is everything.