by Jeremy Danté


PARIS – perhaps one of the darker documentaries in the realm of fashion, of my collection. yves saint laurent’s life was riddled with bouts with addiction, depression and all through each of those struggles was pierre bergé. in the documentary, you get an inside look at laurent’s private residence and score a glimpse at his astounding art collection. the film re-traces the meeting of both pierre and yves, when yves was appointed creative director at christian dior in 1947 when he was 21 years of age. cited as business partners, the love between bergé and laurent appears stern and unbreakable. the documentary is heavily weighed down with dark music, and discussion of love and it’s craziness, ringing true to the films title. an emotionally gripping look at the dedication of bergé to yves saint laurent, the documentary reveals footage of laurent’s funeral, as well as private film footage from the 70’s when yves saint laurent was hanging around a young mick jagger and socializing with andy warhol. a legendary reputation in fashion, yves saint laurent’s passing resulted in an auction of certain art pieces, which you become acquainted with through the documentary. showcasing the dark side of a love story rather than the glitz that is often associated with high fashion; i like this documentary for it’s blunt and sometimes forcefull glare at high fashion, and dimensions of love. bergé recounts his life with yves and shares personal stories of triumph while sharing how he was affected by the famed designers own struggles. an interesting look at the life of yves saint laurent, but one you need to be prepared for mentally. with all the glamorous documentaries out there, this provides range to any fashion documentary collection, and gives you a deeper look into the lives of those who provide inspiration.