by Jeremy Danté

Marc loicINTERNATIONAL – originally i intended to speak on the time that this was filmed as being the height of marc jacobs’ career at louis vuitton, but that’s improper. the height continued upward throughout his career, as he consistently assisted from an impeccable creative stance, to help maintain vuitton’s luxe credibility. while i had just begun to spin my fashion on film documentary review series, it was announced that marc would part ways with vuitton. when news of his departure hit, i knew i had to own the documentary as a part of my growing collection of fashion films. only having seen the film twice before owning it, the contrast of marc jacobs the person, and the division between his roles at marc jacobs the label, and vuitton were very interesting. i loved the editing by way of loîc pringent, and appreciated the quirky editing and visual affects. you got to see marc jacobs at both studios, as well as traveling between the two. documented was the process of creating collections for his own name sake label and at louis vuitton. the title is fitting, quite literally, because you understood the balance between the two, the differences and the the similarities. as a must see for all fashion kids, you see that marc jacobs is an icon of fashion and creativity unlike any other. he has allowed the globalization of fashion to come together effortlessly. his approach to publicity and his approach to art have paved the way for the fashion industries evolution, and that’s not to mention his exceptional level of execution with designing handbags, and creating campaigns that go against the grain. the documentary provides insight to the ways in which marc collections inspiration and entertainingly gives you an exclusive look into his life. this is one of my favorite documentaries, as an american- to understand that true taste can be culminated in a number of ways through unexpected forms of inspiration. marc is an unforgettable character, even outside his iconic career. due to it’s international appeal, this one might be harder to find.