by Jeremy Danté

it’s been a long standing tradition here at jeremydanté.com to raise the bar. who remembers when i used to redesign my layout annually? or who has been reading long before i was even housed at this web address and was still sub-domained? we’ve definitely evolved together and throughout this proposed content blockbuster of editorial coverage, i wanted to take a moment to recognize where we’ve been. in order to move onward and upward, a check point is necessary. the content that is being served up throughout today has been long drafted in my archives, but i’ve wanted to streamline content and a new direction in a way that wouldn’t make you feel jolted. though i love high fashion, i don’t want to be confined by it, i don’t want to allow my creativity to be held to any standard other than my own. by taking the opportunity to speak to my own audience, in my own words, i’ve learned a lot about who i am, who am i not and who i am destined to become.

in pursuit of these creative dreams, i’ve been able to align all of what i do to a standing theme of awareness. in speaking through my series, sundays with danté, or in speaking on forms of media or entertainment, the ways i’ve learned to identify aspects or differences of myself through such content is my greatest accomplishment. over the years, i’ve met and spoke with thousands about fashion, perception and simple opinion. we’ve gained friends, lost some and have also made the choice to detach from some. it’s all a part of the refinement process in becoming your greatest self. to discuss the parallels of hype and execution simply indicates to me, the pressure one feels to create. whilst receiving press over time, i started to feel like i was succumbing to the idea of how people perceived me rather than creating in my own organic state, free to think of my own influences rather than the influences of others for the sake of greater publicity. what is super dope to me, in this space, i have built a dialogue around something that i love. in functioning within the parameters of that pure love, i have been able to realize my own potential, to move past the idea of hype and go straight to execution. no tolerance for mediocrity or those who believe in anything other than affecting the art form.

realization is the first step, and i definitely aim to make greater leaps and bounds to execute on a higher playing field where i no longer need to worry about hype. there have been many characters in and around what i do and have done, and over time it’s become easier and easier to categorize such characters. in dissecting culture, society and the ways that media promotes things like beauty, age and race- i’ve been able to function with greater clarity. thus allowing my approach to execution to function much more freely. all this shit might not be making sense to you, but the idea of this space began with only my own development in mind and the fact that anyone has been interested enough to read, is success enough in my mind. for individuals, apart from me, to show care for my view point or to even wonder, or take action to question certain composition or perceptions is exactly what the internet and human interaction are supposed to do, this day in age. while my direction will continue to become refined and will alter slightly to reflect that change in quality, i hope that you understand the correlation between all content seen here. consistency is the greater goal. to successfully identify a theme that creates an emotional connection to image, for you, through your own imagination. while others may have the right machines backing them to function with greater levels of press and visibility, our work is from pure execution- no hype. what is discovered here in this space is known to be honest and true. we represent independent voices, and that has been my aim in giving myself the title, the face of fashion blogging in 2008. in identifying stronger sense of direction through understanding of visuals and sounds, no hype is greater than the belief one has in themselves.