by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – becoming the first menswear review, for the new year. the FW14 christopher kane collection has a strength in masculine appeal and clean lines. wondrous use of print was seen in this collection, which was presented off-runway with a host of a tight 18 looks. london is always an interesting fashion capital. some are too over the top, while others ride the wave of minimalism far too heavily. but christopher kane seems to understand both ends of the spectrum with a greater sense of balance. subdued where needed and high impact where necessary, i love the dramatization of silhouettes for this collection. overall, each look is one that i would wear, which is important. over time, my sensibility and relation to style has become much more refined. i like the idea of blending sophistication and street. this collection hosted that feel in a imaginative way. menswear can often times be too boring for me to care about, so the collections that i do provide time to speak about and discuss represent a part of me. in saying, i would wear this– is to say that you are revealing an aspect of yourself. christopher kane is a young talent on the scene with a very clear perspective. his clientele are of that same class of individuals. scientific with it’s use of print, kane provided a great set of coats, and i loved the turtle necks that were included; a completely timeless style staple. the looks are new school professional; and i imagine that some fly young executives on wall street will be rocking these pieces. the heavy navy tones, mixed with the bouts of grey and classic uses of black- it was all well conceptualized and thoughtfully delivered. there’s always a very interesting use of texture in kane’s collections, and this season provided that signature in the coats and suited looks, which i loved. it’s those types of details that take regularity, or normalcy out of the clothing and allow it to graduate to the idea of high end luxury. there was enough of a design delivery that allowed for perspective to be communicated, but there was also a space in the collection, that allows for consumers to fill those spaces with their own take on style. christopher kane is among my favorite designers, and he always seems to touch on the right notes of innovation and classical appeal while remaining relevant in the process. a quietly powerful collection.

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