by Jeremy Danté

MILAN – the interesting aspect of dean and dan’s style approach each season, is that they never lack signatures. denim is always a feature, while the showing of personalization is always perfectly put together. the in-mate, prison inspiration was very clearly translated. but, what might’ve seemed like design redundancy to some is actually adherence of staying true to what works. wool, denim, leather and eyewear- it was a DSQUARED² marathon of celebrated men’s classics on the runway. styled to perfection, the collection hosted crisp masculinity in ways that were expected, but presented excitingly. skull caps were seen on nearly every model in the collection, while the design duo’s signature of thick framed eyewear seemed to drive the style presence over the edge. it was all done in a way that wasn’t jolting, not completely new- rather familiar. familiar like home, something you’re used to; something that never really gets old. it’s that approach with style that allows for the DSQUARED² to remain both consistent and successful. i love the idea of rules, as they relate to menswear. the setting of such boundaries provides a line of separation. to move into a space where you either follow or completely disregard those rules. of course, balance is necessary to keep the art form of menswear design thriving, but dean and dan meticulously played up their own signatures, while showcasing this almost uniformed idea of dress. love this collection for simple reasons, it was done faultlessly. strong execution in all aspects; from accessories to full looks- loved it all.

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