by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – i remember when i first began airing the now cancelled, fashion report on youtube; someone commented about how i didn’t know shit about fashion because all i talked about was vuitton, gucci, prada and fendi. true as that statement may be, it still had no barring on what i know of style, as i see it, in my life. over time though, my fascination of fashion has evolved greatly. i find myself drifting from bigger labels, while still maintaining an understanding of their power, as well as their influence on the marketplace as a whole. this show season, i’ve taken an active position to make selections that stem from personal choices. these personal choices are what have allowed my creative work to be viewed from another perspective. a perspective that differs from other writers or, for lack of better articulation, low-budget bloggers. one label that i feel represents the same lane that i feel i do, in terms of creative independence, free from restraint is acne. this collection, though simple, showcases an approach to design that finds no reason necessary to follow or dictate trends. instead, what is presented consistently by the label is clean shit. this season, i loved this collection more than i did of kenzo, or vuitton, more than i loved of kris van assche or saint laurent. why? for simple reasons. there is a certain wearability or function that i look for in making selections for show season. acne is one of my favorite labels, and this collection is a proper visual of why. strong collection of outwear, an unexpected injection of furry footwear, and profound sense of style through use of color, in palette. i waited for paris, and though disappointed by the bigger labels, i was still able to find shit that i absolutely love. one of my favorites of the FW14 menswear season, especially in the corner of paris.

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