by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – saving the best for last. commentary in this space has revolved around the message that both suit and sport are becoming very quickly aligned in the market of style. as the categorization of independent and corporate continue forth on the battle field of artistic expression, the FW14 collection presented by riccardo tisci for givenchy is a prime and ripe example of what i have been saying all along. my christmas gifts this year were all purchased for my family, through nike.com; amazingly i have found myself to be at one with culture, in a way that leaks through my writing, my personal taste level and surrounds the dialogue between each of those financial, creative and expressive transactions. givenchy has remained a fashion rarity for me; always giving us the new, now and next of style. this season, the feel and direction of athleticism was inspiringly produced. a neon light lit basketball court fenced male models in for the runway show. in light of the announcement that tisci himself will be collaborating with nike this year, the collection seemed more fitting than ever. most interesting to me were the basketball inspired lines in the collection. i loved the tamed palette and injections of color throughout. the merge of sport and art was present as well, as the collection clothes seemed to merge on the court elements with high art signatures of mondrian. male models walked the runways with ‘nothin but net’ fishnets lining their faces, unmarked black fitted six panel baseball caps and appropriately, sneakers. fur jerseys, and the always beautiful male model castings by way of daniel peddle accentuated the feel of diversity, as only givenchy can. what is so liberating about givenchy, is their merge of the street and the runway; they take urban elements and spin them into luxury. we, as consumers, feel presented by the urban elements, which is why givenchy has been lyrical content for multiple rappers on the musical scene. tisci is a true visionary, and cultural inspiration for an international audience.

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