by Jeremy Danté

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one must understand that it is equally as important to look back as it is to look ahead. there is a developmental path that is lit when comparing and contrasting mistakes of the past with awareness of the present. there is a continuity that is hidden through trials and struggles that bring about an inner strength. in this space, i have hidden behind beauty, in an effort to manifest that beauty into my real life. the life that seen me working in boring offices, checking fashion forums like a mad man to stay up on runway coverage. this life, that has so dramatically happened away from the sights of recognition has been one of dedication. dedication to an industry that impacts culture most thoroughly. this transition into new york city has lingered for the life of this blog. my first post was a write up about wanting an internship at IMG. i have not taken opportunities to speak on my romantic life, and likely never will in the eyes of the public. my moments of intimacy with individuals has bore struggles and lessons just the same, but the intimacy i share with you in this space is of certain grade. that internship at IMG? turned down because i couldn’t leave my then boyfriend.

there is this recurring theme of sacrifice in my life. it has showed it’s face in the cultivating of elements that have been demonstrated on this blog. so many moments of social life were sacrificed for the content that has been shared here, with you, my dear reader. many occasions where i hit people with the, “oh, i can’t- it’s show season”. through such sacrifice, has come defense of my commitment. this space has lived and thrived for a range of six years; seeing press from corners of milan with dolce and gabbana, to here in the states with icons like kanye west, while being recognized by industry underdogs like ryan leslie. the models featured have become friends of the site, and while the culture seeks change, the horizon is still a long road home. beginning with model identification, spiraling into runway and editorial coverage, soon cutting into more heavy pieces which challenge the cultural mindset; shown has been a truly organic set of range.

when looking at my transition into the city, it seemingly becomes mirrored by the steady structuring of my writing and content here. art imitating life? perhaps. much like the beginnings of the models; you first focus on the way it looks. but, like every great model knows, exterior is influenced by the inner. there has to be a feeling that escapes from that beauty that makes it’s ways to the eye. that is where and when fashion, beauty and art can live forever without expiration. when development, and awareness transcend. while these past twenty days in a new space have brought feelings of the familiar, there is a sense of new that i feel as well. in areas of love, i am still working. in fact, in many areas of my life i am seeking further development.

love brought me to this new transition; it was through encouragement of possibility that i was able to make this move. and it’s my tenacity, and memories of home that will prove triumphant for the next phase of my life here, in this city. i have remained slightly closed off, to maintain preservation. without baring too much, and being exploitive; my worst fear is to be forgotten. and i hope that, in whatever ways i’ve have crossed paths with you, that it has been an experience of beauty, information and emotion. twenty days in, and a few moments of promise. but mere moments are just the surface for what i have come to expect from life, as a whole. i understand that faith requires you to keep fighting, relentlessly. and i thank each and every one of you for standing by my side throughout that fight, to cheer me on and come to my aide on the sidelines.

career, love, finding a place that makes me feel safe- it’s all a process we participate in. i remain very hopeful in love, despite the challenges i’ve faced, through an understanding of what i am worth. i struggle just like you, but we keep going. my fighting spirit has lead me to my dream, and my work is being recognized for exactly what it is- valuable. so many changes, but i feel calm in my spirit. my senses seem to be at their most keen. do i expect that i might get thrown off track a bit in this process? absolutely. but i remain focused; with my sensibility of self being unbreakable. see, many people come to new york lost, looking for something. but i recognize that my roots at home, and the base of supporters that i have, remind me of the ways that i am found. i am not here in new york looking to find myself, i was never lost; i am here to accentuate who i am. to partake in opportunities with like-minded individuals who are worthy competitors and mentors of my big vision. a vision so great that even i cannot see where it ends, nor where it begins. there has been a vivid demonstration of manifestation stemming from the work that i have done here. and that work has lead me, and others around me, to realize that my imagination and capabilities as an artist are not to be fucked with. for all intended purposes, all of this reflection is voiced for you, my audience, who has at times silently supported; even in ways that you were not aware. he gave me the voice, you gave me the platform, and thus my vision and execution of such works have become amplified. beyond doubt exists a greater belief in self.

jeremy is currently a resident of new york city, ny
image shot by curtis bryant