by Jeremy Danté

thematic patterns of darkness often play out in the writing seen here. whether you’re looking at an image i’ve self-shot on instagram, or even a video i edited from youtube- darkness lingers. there’s a wonder, often an unspoken emotion that is seen or felt. so i’ve been told. there is a dedication to perfection. i’ve said it enough times in this space, regular readers should be aware; i am the eldest of three. that aspect of myself has been the leading influence in my life. the expectation to lead is sourced from this position. the need to execute at a higher level, to be first, to be ahead and to not only do it, but to do it well and beyond that, with ease.

the attraction to darkness comes from the ability to walk into those spaces with a face of bravery, to stand in the face of adversity with strength. the spare-no-fucks type of attitude was culminated, crafted and etched into the ways that things are done because the bravery i have developed was not built through strength; but through failure, fear and gripping realities of inadequacy. the strength, or the bravery- that is all a side effect. you don’t plan to be brave, you don’t plan to do certain things. that’s just the resurfacing of fate. there lies the foundation of faith. knowing, through past fears, that once faced a greater, stronger era lies ahead.

speaking of killing. there are no human deaths. this phrase, in this new year, represents the killing of negative energies. represented are the killings of fear, misunderstanding and avoidance. abandoned are the doubts of capabilities, leaving only the possibilities that stretch far beyond the world that you have dreamt in your imagination. there is love there, there is success in this space. you hear of resolutions, you hear of aims and sparkling in the distance are goals- but let’s speak about commitment. dedication to separate killings from the living; in a way that reforms what is at the foundation of lessons learned and love earned. now is the time, because in the present lies the gift of the future. take the time to execute and kill all that is harming you and leave those harms in the past, where they will remain trapped, unable to affect you today, and forever.