by Jeremy Danté

the reason i came to new york; my inspiration, a dream realized and a blessing on arrival. there are cosmic forces that push us in directions that we wouldn’t have taken otherwise. there are shifts in energy, and life has this way of uplifting through expectations in a way that is felt through a sense of delay. it’s about timing, it’s about being ready; about balancing surrender and consciousness. through the depths of darkness that have surrounded my life in love, and every other relationship, came this beautiful light. almost like the end, in this heroic montage of memories that blazed through the summer and shot through each of those nights we shared. providing solace in a time of tragedy and abuse. forgotten, unrecognized and unidentified in value.

locked away in my thoughts, in phrases of wishful thinking through the years. wishes for beauty of the heart, clarity of psyche, talent of voice, power through performance, strength in character and poise in potential; all in this refined packaging of confidence that understands one’s own worth and ability to transcend. so undeniable, that, the only fitting label is that of a star. my reason to turn the page, and closing of the now forgotten chapter, in the book of my life. a true blessing from the hands and heart of god, just as i had hoped, after all of those years from my vision and imagination; so much so that it’s real. and standing in front of me.

gratitude can’t even begin to explain, as i write the story of my now new life. with new challenges, new reasons to smile, and hidden strengths to uncover. with all blessings calls the importance to show gratitude in earning the permanence of such, through determination, dedication and belief. beyond that, there are now two hearts that seek to beat as one, while struggling to beat match like a DJ just learning how to spin on dual turntables. there lies a desire, with obstacles of doubt, but a purity and ease so fluid that it’s, in fact, hard to believe as even being real. intentionally abstract for the greater intent to shield privately, what is spoken here in prose so publicly shown, seeks only to document a feeling of love in a way that creates further manifestation of what is possible for two beings. in the vein of we and us, abandoning the challenges of the self identified “i“, which we’ve both leaned to, as default. veins running to the heart that will now beat for us, thriving as a source of unlimited loyalty, undying respect and boundless dedication to the strength that it takes to sustain such a love, that seeks to move beyond the limitations that have restricted us in the past.

for you today, and us tomorrow, leading to the we that awaits for our future; a confession more like a declaration, moving to further clarify whatever doubts may be clouding your heart. and beyond those clouds, is only the sunlight of my love. that burns so bright that it has burned others too weak from the past; but to you, in all your strength it is only a warmth that you lean to in comfort. the most important part of the story; the beginning and middle, that finds no end. these simple words are only a mere reflection of the depths of my love. in the ways that your voice reaches my heart, let these words forever remind you of my willingness and dedication to the fight that will forever protect the world we’ve yet to create.