by Jeremy Danté

Document 1 (Page 5)there are very few documentaries that encapsulate the feel of emotion that i feel for beauty. there is a moving experience of creativity that is so powerful; a feeling of gratification and belief. and those emotions were felt during my viewing “dior and i”. directed by frédéric tcheng, the documentary follows raf simons upon his entering of the house of christian dior as creative director. following the director over an eight week period as he creates his first couture collection, not only for christian dior but the first of his entire career. known notoriously for his extensive work as a design minimalist, the documentary showcases the maximal methods and meticulous processes that raf operates within. the most fascinating of processes to see within the film, was the delivering of references to the atelier, when communicating designs for the actual collections. whereas sketches are delivered, raf’s approach is very modern as he is described in the film as “very organized”. compiling things in a digital form, raf works from digital files; packets of references are sent to each seamstress in the atelier. there were interesting technological techiques which were shown in the film, in creating and trying different aestetics which further welded the beauty of high art and high fashion together in a new, refreshing way. emotionally moved by process, and rocked by the insurmountable pressure to elevate and maintain the legacy of the house, the film is a must see for those who feel an emotional attachment to the world of style and design. the flowered walls, the introduction of the design team- it was all done in the same vein as the other fashion documentaries which introduce a set of characters to give the house of dior some heart. the editing of the film shifted between modern, current day moments and then sifted in and out of dialogued moments intended to represent the spirit of christian dior himself, in a reflective way; borrowing his own words from his autobiography. it’s a stunning piece of documentarian gold that allows you an insight to raf, the man and the emotional component that artists working within fashion feel; how they handle pressure and how delicate, and important all these elements mean to creative process. a moving depiction of raf simons for the house of christian dior.

now playing in select theaters ‘dior and i’ will be
available for digital purchase
june 30th via amazon instant video