by Jeremy Danté

there i sat, in front of katia sherman, president of major model management. i was in head to toe black on black, wearing a suit. and for the first time in my life, i felt visible. after eight years of hardwork, over 6,000 posts, many sleepless nights and countless moments spent thinking about how best to discuss this idea of beauty. after examining the culture of high fashion as it relates to each and everyone of us- i felt myself being elevated. referred to the agency by sessilee lopez, the fact that i am blessed enough to even type that onto this site, is major. as i spoke candidly with katia about the industry during my interview, speaking on my view point and the power i feel that lives in the world of modeling- it was this cinematic moment where laughter flows in slow motion. my entrance into the building will be a panoramic wide screen shot; soundtracked by the new york city traffic of park avenue. the true meaning of a dream come true, in my life.

“people like you come along once every blue moon”, she said. and while there was little explaining, my resume sat in front of katia as she looked at me, almost sensing my energy. i didn’t have to explain myself as i felt i had to so many other times before; when telling people about my dream. my spirit was calm. she got it. she got me. words were exchanged but more powerfully was the energy that was transferred. i was with sessilee a few weeks prior in soho, and sat next to her at dinner, looking at her and telling her in the most honest way; “i don’t think you understand how you’ve impacted culture.” see, the moment i seen sessilee in the all black italian vogue in 2007, i was sitting in my one bedroom, income based loft apartment- eating saltine crackers and peanut butter for dinner. in that apartment, i learned as much as i could possibly self teach myself about the fashion industry. over a three year period, i was isolated; not speaking to my family after being put out of my home. from polaroids to runway booking, to ad campaigns and beyond- i became who i have been known as; as a writer, and digital personality. the unique opportunity i created for myself has been one built on identity and knowledge of self. what you see in images and words is who i am- it’s not this fantasy that has no grasp of reality. i am who i portray myself to be- no fluff, real shit.

in understanding who i am; i have been able to properly sense and promote faces, energy and cultural nuances not often spoken upon. it’s this dream come true that i am living now; where i am able to grow and be recognized for my instincts. the real work begins now. i have been installed as a part of major model management, here in new york city. the first agency i looked at, in creating the content that has driven this site since 2008. i am a part of the image and development division, where i will work with the agency to bring the biggest stars and most beautiful faces to a global audience. this act of manifestation could not have been done without each and every one of you. you have contributed to my success in strong, and silent ways. i thank you every single day for sharing moments, understanding beauty and for appreciating the power of image as it has been discussed within this space. the words that i write are mere glimpses into the new reality that we will embark upon together. the content will shift in this space, and will become more sharply geared towards the work of development that we create with our image board at major model management. in representing the integrity of that energy, this moment means a realization of hard work earning me a place where i have communicated a desire to be for many, many years. development and growth are a process very close to my heart; in this- i encourage you all to continue following my story in a way that inspires your own.

special thanks to sessilee lopez
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thank you for believing