by Jeremy Danté

individualistic views of beauty, are just that- individual. there is an unspoken nature that i seek in building relationships. whether those relationships are one dimensional, in my relation to a feel or vibe- i don’t often find myself being caught up in situations that require my explanation of levels of taste. in an aspirational approach, i’ve long created a world of beauty around me. living in moments of uncomfortability, or in lesser grades of quality; i learned how to create an aesthetic. how to build a world that i wanted to live in. to fill that world with proper sounds, beautiful images and characters who complimented me and added onto the layers of intellectuality that soon formed a foundation for creative identity.

in this new phase of my life and career, i find myself defining the importance of aesthetic as it relates to our culture. for individuals of color, the pressure to deliver on a certain level of taste is crucial. we have more to prove, we have to work harder and essentially, it’s in these moments of pushing through to the breaking of boundaries that ultimately gives us a stronger footing in the makings of the world around us. i’ve been thinking about this a lot, especially segueing into the agency and looking to make myself necessary. i thought a lot about the ways i’ve crafted my own presence on the internet, always looking to represent myself with use of certain typefaces, images and even my choice in words. you are what you represent yourself to be, and in creative industries nothing is more valuable.

everything counts; and it’s in your best interest to represent yourself, the way you want to be seen. there is a personal side to the realm of social media in which we derive. i think, in developing a space for myself, i’ve definitely looked for ways to represent who i am, instead of portraying myself to be a certain way. there is a clear cut difference in faking it until you make it, in contrast to know who you are with strength and self assured nature. from knowing ones angles, to the music you listen to- everything is dripping in influence from your past experience, your hopes for the future and your present day mindset. speaking more largely to development, it’s important to understand your root, in order for you to flourish. i’ve been blessed enough to count on consistency and a strong eye for beauty, with clear ideals of balance in contrasts of hard and soft. in understanding a multitude of cultural levels, i’ve been able to develop content here, which has connected me to you, in many ways. in this new phase, that influence now has the opportunity to develop even further. with projects and ambitions well underway; i am seeking a new direction, that will allow my sense of aesthetic and taste to become amplified. be inspired to inspire those around you, in a way that is true to your identity in who you are, in alignment with who you hope to become. do something for culture, every day.

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