by Jeremy Danté

i remember being at a house party in south city, out in the bay and talking with my homegirl charity, about goals and dreams. she told me, “you’re super talented, you just have to be patient.” that was about four years ago, and her words made me sit back. the process of development for those truly seeking accomplishment, seems never ending. time spent can start to feel like time wasted, because we’re a society that now thrives on instant gratification. my performance mentality keeps me on my toes, and I’m always looking for ways to push forward. in childhood, my grandmother would get me art sets. illustrative, paint sets, origami paper- anything you could think of, artistic, i got it. i didn’t stop getting art sets until i was about 17 years old. even looking back now, creativity seemed to be threaded into who i am. how empowering it has been for me, to feel encouraged to have ideas and a vision, and to just create. as i grew, the ideas blossomed as did my awareness and sense of self. it takes honest work, earnest trial and error and power of progression.

now today, i seek to build relationships with individuals who have utilized the same sense of development, or those who are in need of such resurfacing. whether encouragement, or simple re-aligning- creativity is power. vision is valuable, and there is no greater set of skills than that of both planning and execution. in this current phase of my life, career and my own on-going development of self; there is a general response. there is a way that i’ve developed myself, and when seeking to develop others; i often think about things that have impacted me. the common theme of sound vs. style often plays out here. it’s felt through content. i find myself challenged by lacking levels of taste in my every day work. this is a particular challenge that propels me forward. the need to refine is not completed in just one stage. a domino effect of sorts, it takes strategic placement; one must have the knowledge and understanding that ideas and planning must be within a certain distance of one another, in order for the effect to be, well, effective. one domino against another, placement can take months, years and for some, decades. but when the right range of motion sets the first domino into motion, all is well by way of design.

as many years as i have spent figuratively setting the dominoes up; each piece is now setting a trail of execution for me. this process is still on going. in many ways, my own development reminds me of ones own internal power of vision. clarity of ideas leads to precision of execution. there is a marination process that is required for development, understanding of timing is key. defeat isn’t always what it seems. timing is more important than always taking home first prize. many winners have curbed their losses with a greater desire for victory; they kept going. you keep fighting, you keep trying, you develop, then re-develop, they re-design and come back stronger. the secret to effective development is found in patience.

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