by Jeremy Danté

chapter two. it’s never been about style, not about glamour; and not about beauty. it’s been about truth, opportunity and integrity. it’s been rooted in culture, glazed in emotion and filled with love. part of why my voice is still active, is because this process of communication from me to you is that important. the extension of my voice is not even about me, though from the looks of how many selfies i post- some might disagree. see, i know and understand fully the scope of not only my potential but my power. and to encapsulate such prowess into one period, or one year, or a brief moment of time would not do me justice. there are layers. while some may confuse my confidence for arrogance; to be this self assured and aware is a blessing that i will not back away from.

beginning on the outside, now standing on the inside looking outward; for a way to bring the rest of you inside with me- i speak now conflicted. caught in a strategy of my own doing, with many manifestations blazing in front of my eyes with birth in my own dreams. i often discuss ideas, or beliefs- philosophies and examine my own understanding. i’ve invested time and understanding and people, not because i was told to; but because it’s what i’ve felt was right. it’s been about the industry, but not for selfish reasons- it’s been about connecting people. informing people and encouraging people. it’s been about knowing when to be silent, when to speak; and for the foresight in which i possesses to properly document and speak to the pockets of culture that don’t always have a voice.

in my incubation process, i researched, and gather as much understanding in that process as possible. i had a real job, did regular things- and continue to ground myself in such processes. i’ve come to find that many are intimidated by this. some are inspired, and some are intrigued. it doesn’t take much explaining; and for those who need an explanation- they just don’t get it. i’ve sat in front of the speakers, reading the liner notes. i tallied the album sales, i’ve had the arguments about influence; i’ve seen the clothes, sung the songs and watched year after year. to develop an understanding at the level in which i have is to take over twenty years of field research. this process of mental marination is not something that many can understand, or even something that many would do- but it’s all based on love.

it’s about strength in weaknesses, the ugly truth behind the beauty; and the intelligence found in the trivial and unseen. to represent culture is to become one with culture; to make a difference is to be the difference. to break away from falsification is to be so rooted in facts that can’t nobody fuck wit it. and that’s where i stand. purposefully fragmented, and coded only for those who know what’s coming- this is a process. and to breakdown the existing to provide the foundation for the new is to suffer, to take the pain and make a new way, and sometimes go at it alone. change is upon us, and in an industry that thrives on change and transformation- we are here. it’s about knowing your goals and understanding power in strategy. it’s everything. it’s in ever single space and character- it’s written, and spoken. it’s silently loud and only you can identify it once you peel back the layers. what we’ve built here is at the forefront of the next level.

through experience and emotional connectivity; what i have done as a person is taken you with me- you have listened, responded and felt what i feel in many ways. i tell you now- the times that i’ve sat in silence, with no reaction, i was listening. when i spoke, it was because i understood and when i’ve waited, it’s because it wasn’t the right time. much of the next phase is a culmination of all these elements; of style, of time, and patience. from the exterior to the interior, the real changes begin now. and to be very clear- it’s about culture and the  influence that thrives within those walls, powerfully and undeniably.