by Jeremy Danté


chapter three. back when i was in school, i would get teased because i would only hang around girls. but in hindsight, my destiny has always been guided by women. powerful women with strong ideas, and powerful presence. who understand their impact of power and the strength found in subtlety. every single aspect of every visual industry is built around the inspiration, beauty and presence of women. let that never be forgotten. it’s such an important level of understanding to have when working in entertainment, when working to develop female talent, when working to provide an elevated sense of awareness in young women. laying the foundation for the future, i have taken every opportunity to tell girls how powerful they are. how important it is to stay aware, to be powerful and to learn how to be poised in such forms.

models are performers, they are the transformers and the most visible. though power in development, and power in proactivity is pumped behind them from an industry standpoint, from the agency prospective- it’s ultimately up to the model to receive the message, to translate these ideas and to come from a place within to raise the bar. not even just for herself, but for those that come after her, with regard to who came before her. to represent the community in which she derives, to be uniquely feminine but draw a familiar relativity, in a way that says, proudly, i am a woman. in my interactions, i have never sat back, never hesitated to push women forward, to speak to girls and get them to see what i see. and while this approach has sometimes been frowned upon, as if i was taking too much time; it is both my professional and personal belief that the development process is one of delicate nature. where frustration should bated. patience should be protected and understanding should be nurtured.

in the future of the industry, girls will exist with greater power because they have been developed in a way that protects and acknowledges their individual presence- where true beauty lives and never dies. this is my most pure belief. it is in these moments that girls become women. when insecurity is peeled back and exposed are formats of individuality. it’s very sensitive work, to speak to women with such a big vision for them, that they, in some forms cannot see for themselves. it simply comes with living, about exposing impressionable minds to what posture, professionalism and opportunity can mean. it’s all based on presence. in my years as a writer, in building a presence, and a brand for myself; i too have grown. so i identify with the women that i work with to develop. to move past potential and to really win. this is for all the models, still looking for contracts and for the one’s who’ve been successful. it’s all about doing it for the team. and at the end of the day, we’re all striving to the same goal- to be beautiful and aware of that beauty. to be successful and for people to see us for who we are, instead of who they want us to be.

this new pathway will see me securing stronger opportunity by protecting my personal philosophy for continually believing in women, and for doing the good for worlds of beauty, and the industry that promotes it. speaking with more experience, realism and a little bit of fire. i believe in those who have believed in me, and every single day i fight for culture. i fight for every shade of skin, for every idea that was thought to be impossible, and for every dream that was too beautiful to fathom as a reality. here’s to us.