by Jeremy Danté

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chapter eight. with responsibility, foundational understanding of people and regard to a higher power- all things in life are guided. existing within a world of many choices, we are empowered by our decisions, are given ample opportunities to liberate ourselves from our struggle in coming together. in my own independent processes of creative discovery, i exist by choice- alone. left to deal with my own instinctual terrain. so if i make a mistake, i am left to deal with the discovery of resolution and betterment. in that process, i’ve learned to develop accountability. i’ve applied said lessons of accountability to other aspects of life- in learning of others, i have learned more of myself.

fearlessly, i have loved. hopefully, i continue to try. and now openly, i connect with like minded individuals who are helpful in building with me. no longer do i feel it necessary to go it alone. i accept all challenges and invitations of wellness from above. i find comfort in knowing that this phase is now a shared instinct. understanding myself, and who i am to the core is paired with who i am in the eyes of god. instructed through instinct, i follow the signs, stay awake and understand that my power in creating limits provides me with many more freedoms and leads me to greater liberation. while aspects of privilege have not always been readily available, i lead my mind to thinking of possibility and strategy, rather than loss and discomfort. i lead my mind to think of how we can come together, instead of segregating. a range of greatness we have within us that we are unable to tap into; being distracted by the choices of others; knowing that these decisions cannot alter the realities in which we live everyday.

in our lives, we tend to look outward when we should be looking inward. when facing adversity or struggle to create, we should remember that all answers exist within us. much like our mistakes, or regrets, our power- it all exists within us. achieving balance in this process is no easy feat, there are moments of surrender, resilience – thus is the circle of life. in circular motion, we should be vibrating upwards, using each moment and each motion ever thrusting to use that momentum to push ourselves through each lesson learned. many of the trappings are created for us, we just need the awareness to surpass each along the way. for every moment we’ve discovered a loss, we must remain hopeful for the gain that is to follow. and we must continue to keep going.

in our eventual quest to find whatever it is each of us are looking for- love, purpose or inspiration; we’re all looking ahead when we should try more to look within, and to know when it is time to look into one another. knowing that each of our individual power, though great, can be limited without the sharing and support of our brothers and sisters- who exist in our world, sharing a guided light with us, generated by god. often times religion and spirituality are weighted topics that appear darker than needed; but in this darkness is greatness. things greater than us, bigger than our visions can contain, much more expansive than our love can envelope, or our minds can comprehend.

in this open, unknown of greatness that is created from such a purified space of love, exists our true existence. but we need not be distracted by all the things that hold us from that- we must choose properly, speak with understanding, and look into the things we do not know, to gift to ourselves greater understanding and greater power. weakness temporary, our stories of love live forever. we should lean on the everlasting, and the overpowering nature of these lightings of glory. as children, we are always learning and should follow the guidance of the beauty placed in front of us, within us. let us not cover our eyes to what surrounds us every day. to look at the gruesome, to highlight aspects of beauty further. to understand that challenges preface every accomplishment, and our fight will result in the victory, greater than we could have imagined. possibility should lead our hearts, fear should only exist momentarily. born from love, guided by light- inside. permission to be angry, with knowledge of how to process that into action.

our vision may get clouded, but we must challenge ourselves to see. our understanding will only grow as we approach, learn and grow into it. in closeness, more will become clear. we must be aware of dangers, or distractions from the course. coming into the unknown with boundless hope to conquer is how victory is won. everyday, we will face these challenges. so expect to be tested, but hold onto yourself, and the discoveries you’ve made from within. it’s time to sing a new song, to write the lyrics for memories that we’ve wanted to contain. let us not forget the pain which inspired and motivated changes. let love ground us in proper action. so we can look back and remember all the ways we’ve grown. into ourselves and into each other, through struggle, accomplishment and joy in connecting.

for the everlasting memory of all black people
who have lost their lives to prejudice 
and the families still trying to cope