by Jeremy Danté


love inspired through adversity. a culmination of a life long philosophy, reflection of self and guiding principle for development. through each phase of my own growth process has been check points, challenges and even re-examination of past lessons in order to transcend into greater levels of performance. this pathway, which i have followed has organically developed for me in my own life and will now serve as a force for the women who i take on to educate, develop and power into greater awareness of their own potential, beyond what they may see within themselves. inspired by my maternal grandmother, and a photograph i found of her during my design process for her funeral services in october 2016; she stood amidst 11 women, wearing the highest heel, had the highest ponytail and the smallest waist. after all the departures and separations i had experienced in fashion, thinking of how much i was committed  to my own ideas, the image struck me like a sharp reminder of who i am. thinking of my grandmother and the ways that she was always poised, always smiling and always representing at best; it was only natural that i name my mother agency after her, the mother of all mothers- in my family and in my world.

a mother to 5 children, and grandmother to 14; estelita bulatao was a loving sister and dedicated wife. through adversity she approached the unknown with faith and through those processes intentionally applied love through measured patience. a survivor and pioneer from the philippines and into the united states, she knew how to turn nothing into something great, was resourceful and inspired by beauty and had particularity in all aspects of building family, home and experience. it is in these same principles, that i will guide, develop and design the women who i choose to take on through my mother agency. the process of creating and developing instincts is a religious experience for me. i commit through worship to my ideas which i feel are guided by a higher power i was raised to believe in. these beliefs give me strength in weakness, light in the dark and faith in doubt. beyond any form of greater meaning, and defining of purpose, to be placed in a position that reinforces the power of women is where i feel i serve most significantly.

love is at the basis of all that i do; it drives my passion and allows me to go into a mode of almost robotic like consistency through execution. as a new and emerging collective, the ideas and potential of what i see for the future of what i am building are being constructed every day. through partnerships, meaningful inspiration and understanding of strategy and personal growth, the founding principles discussed here provide a backdrop for what will be, through what is. for models looking to redevelop, or new faces entering the game; LITA will provide a sense of nurture and balance to what can often times be seen as silent and unnecessarily difficult in the industry of fashion. dealing in reality, through a basis of clear understanding and yes, love, LITA will lead by example by providing an antithesis within the scope of the fashion industry. respecting the structure enough to bring forth new methods, LITA is not afraid to explore uncharted territory, take on the challenge of transformation and understanding strain to aide those in need, to get to higher ground.


for the everlasting legacy of estelita bulato 1940-2016
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