by Jeremy Danté


we’ve spent a decade together in this space. in what was originally intended as a personal note pad for understanding the industry process of fashion became a foreground for a cultural narrative that was embraced by a global audience. to commemorate our time here together, i will be curating a year long series of 10. everything will be shared; the most stylish, the most influential and the greatest culture shifters from my generation and from my view. from cassette tapes, to the breakthrough of compact disks, boom boxes to stereo systems and trunk thumping bass. it’s all about style and through to the core. trickling the influence from cities across the U.S., and floating through the international fashion scene, this series will see me reveal the root of my inspirations.

i am most excited to share this series with you, the readers, who have taken time to share, read and provide support from the many countries you’ve allowed me to enter by returning to see what content was being placed here. as an independent digital persona, you’ve grown with me and there is no greater form of gratitude that i can provide, other than to share even more of myself with you, through what inspires me. we’ve ripped through the magazines, and torn down the runways year after year in this space. and we’re still here, continuing to push and still looking for our next source of inspiration. Ahead of the series, between a range of collections, i’ll be sharing archived interviews that have never been published, that have been collected through the years.

the beauty of this space is that there are no boundaries. elements of influence, questions of structure and challenging of perception has all been done here. from supermodels to the super talented, those subjects of content have become friends and in the process have opened my world into greater possibilities and even bigger ideas. a decade ago, i sat in my loft apartment with very little money, but an understanding and a vision. today, i sit with you from a view i had never expected to be a part of, and this year long series is a dedication to you for allowing me to connect and reveal a part of myself that i wasn’t able to, many years before the rise of the internet. thank you for being a part of this dream, realized. and thank you for guiding my path with your light to higher ground.

with all my heart, i thank you.