by Jeremy Danté

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in the same vein of dedication exists a girl, named dehonney. a valiant beauty of enduring presence. the summer of 2016, i found myself at a turning point, deciding to change the course of what i thought would come to be for me, in new york city. in fortitude, i called her and encouraged her to leave where i felt she wasn’t supported, knowing what i knew from the industry from the inner lining up to that point. in pure support, with no ill intent to damage or seek retaliatory reckon for what happened to me; i offered to help coordinate meetings. in agreement, it was underway.

we took meetings we didn’t think possible, reaching the summit of the industry; we sat nervously together. waiting on responses, we remained united. it was after that first meeting, on the subway and in the corners of my big white walled room that she said, “why don’t you become my mother agent”. i gasped immediately, at my own inexperience, citing that i couldn’t possibly take it on. but it was then, i knew, a call of destiny. a pathway that was seemingly lit for me, and she lead me to it. it was seamless. the opportunity presented itself and the chemistry, the camaraderie was completely organic. when i first met her, it was almost like she was part of my family already. and with that agreement, we decided to go the journey together. to strategize and rebuild what had been damaged in the process, prior. the summer soon fell into fall, and the winds of change blew my way. at high speeds, those changes could not be predicted. i found myself nervously getting to JFK, 24hrs before my flight with the sense of dizzying emotion. when i called to tell her, she encouraged me, saying, “no, family is first- that is more important”. and as fall fell to winter’s cold- my grandmother passed away as our entire family knelt at her bedside. in a blur of what i cannot recollect; i was back in NYC. somewhere amidst the blur, i then lost my grandfather. riding the same blur in my return to the east coast, i continued our plan for dehonney to join me in new york city. where we would reside together. elements fell into place, and our journey’s beginning came together beautifully. in my hopes of recovery and mourning, i was able to take on the city with an aerial view and renewed sense of promise. as creatives, we blended ideas, and grew together. it was decided in january of 2017, that we would launch a mother agency named after my grandmother. and we did, which was also announced here. beyond perfect measurements or photographic presence is heart. and this would not be a space of model-esque beauty, without mention of dehonney and the ways she has allowed my vision to be perfected at such early stages. she is the perfect representation of what my grandmother would see as poised, and promised.

and with that promise, we’ve rebuilt, regenerated our strengths together as individuals and as a team. as we look onward to expansion and bringing on other faces- dehonney is now and will forever be, the first girl. the face of LITA, in it’s embodiment of love inspired through adversity. through inspiration of unity, dehonney came together to power through this adversity that we both experience from opposite but intersecting dimensions. understanding the unpredictable nature of industry; let there be no more doubt of what is possible today. for a young, brown skinned beautiful young woman- the world is not ready. and our mission has guided us powerfully, together. i am proud to represent dehonney, as mother agent- and with no lacking form of sentiment, let that be heard, remembered and understood. to represent, to embody- to become. in growth and in possession of such grand awareness to allow beauty to shine from within, that is who dehonney is and greatness is what is destined for her. let the confidence of my information now inform you- that the future is here. and her name is dehonney.

for more information on dehonney visit litamotheragency.com
global options for representation in multiple markets are currently underway.
for booking information email, lita@jeremydante.com