1: 4 – L IS FOR LOVE

by Jeremy Danté

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the first of a four part installment, this series will capitalize and expand upon values and perceptions, which construct the work that we have been doing and will do at LITA mother agency. equipped with myself and now two girls to our roster, we all share a sense of loyalty, understanding and sensitivity to time; as well as patience through facilitation of a higher power. in my own understanding of just how important communicating in this space is to my work, how connected i am to you as an audience and to my own mind; let this serve as a reminder when i fall short on my own path. allow my own recognition in writing, be a therapeutic and prayer-like practice, as it has been for me, in my life as an artist. i regard my girls as artists themselves. they build, develop and question elements of themselves to move forward to anticipate growth privately, and to sense cultural shifts publicly. in areas not just limited to fashion; what becomes stylized are their minds. through this mental strengthening comes the indestructible force of love. as each letter of my mother agency spells out a short form version of my grandmother’s name, estelita; i find it vital to reveal it’s values in detail.

representation is more than just an image, its about connection. it’s about a true commitment and in this four part series, love, like many other things in life- is the starting point. the birth of a child, the union of two individuals, the catalyst of confidence following a pursuit of actualization of self- these are processes that have lingered in this space, hiding at times, between the lines- but visible to my true readers. translated through an energy of transcendence; love is always the first. i contemplated this series in april, on the 8th day of the month. and really took time to re-think love. following the passing of my grandmother, and my grandfather a short three weeks after her- love had to be re-examined. things that i valued at a higher level were meaningless, the meaningless seem exhaustive of valuable energy and time. in my own thought process, i found myself thrust into a dream realized. and since that day in april, have been sitting with the thoughts of the first and foremost value of my creative work done as a mother agent- to love. aligning the similarities and dissimilarities of love- in friendship, in romance, of intimacy, of family- through cousins, and love from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters. bonds are bonds, many obligations are done as form of routine while others are done with elevated sense of care and concern. it’s in those intentional motions that the relationship of mother agency and model are most powerful. but in the unseen, or sometimes unspoken, there is power as well. where senses lead, is where success lives. and as we entered our first international placement, in cape town, south africa- faith never fails and we causing a response that only breaks the dawn where we’ve sat waiting patiently for the last, almost two years.

love is about dedication, and pushing through difficult moments. love endures, it strives but still needs to be fed, inspired and consoled. while it can be forgiving, it can also be demanding; at times out of control and needing restraint. love is all things. among them strength and suffering; which leads the important third component of love- which is balance. balance is found in support, understanding and awareness. love is all of these things. love is uninvited, but welcomed when it comes to stay. it is quiet but always felt. love wakes at night, sleeps in the day and acknowledges no one’s agenda but it’s own. love is life, in all it’s unpredictability and love is the answer to all of those questions we have. love is private, and love is secure, but through the process of privacy and security needs an opportunity to grow. love can shine publicly, when it’s been loved preciously before it’s debut. winning and losing are a part of the game of love, and true love will withstand through failure to secure the win. love holds to hope, the way the faithful cling to prayer. love is about liberation, and is not about restraint. and in this, i love you.

the second installment to follow part one is ‘inspired’
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