inspiration has been the driving force for the note taking that has lived within this space. that inspiration has, over the last decade, gone from dreams to reality. i believe that my shared inspiration in this space is what has allowed my career to manifest, my artistry to thrive and for me to come into a greater understanding of who i am through each of those separate pathways. as the second value in the four part structuring of values with L.I.T.A., inspiration follows love and is second to love for it’s strength in leading where love leaves off. inspiration is the identity of where we have been in direct correlation with where we are headed. i am a believer that the reality of our fantasies exists within our inspiration. the ways that we cultivate this inspiration, the ways we embody that, the ways that we reach for those goals- that is all evidence of our reality.

my inspirations lie in four major categories, sound, style, self and beauty. in no particular order, these elements constantly circulate my world and have allow my personality and my drive to dominate in a way that is consistent with my perception. in beauty, i have admired the many models that make up the modeling industry, both male and female. while fashion is the only industry where women thrive, unapologetically, i often find myself identifying with the balance of hard and soft, the vulnerable and the strong. in thinking of the women i am most inspired by, and how best to represent them, my mother agency is named after one of my greatest inspirations, my grandmother.

through my inspiration of her, and the legacy that continues to evolve around her, each of the girls who i choose to develop are made aware of her life, her standards and are thoroughly communicative in every aspect of love. through empowering energy to transform trials to triumphs, and to open ones heart as wide as one’s mind to the world that awaits them on the other side. from jaw dropping images, to sincere redevelopments, my inspiration has been fed to my models, we now have two; and we share inspiration on an on-going basis, just about every day.

from everyday conversations, to sharing struggles and quietly celebrating our goals reached, while waiting to announce- inspiration is among the most intimate aspects of life for artists, and treatment of such should be taken seriously and represented sensitively. after thinking about how best to put my feelings of love into words in part one of this series, i thought, this process of definition never ends. i feel the same of that attempt to define, with ‘inspiration’. in the formation of my mother agency name, it was intention to form love as “inspired”, and to do so in the past tense, because my agency honors the past. in honoring the life of my grandmother, and also for honoring what was for what will be- it goes without saying that understanding the past is empowerment to change it for the future.

that is what we have been doing, at a slow and steady pace with my agency and girls. this thorough nature of process is about building the strongest foundation in order to secure the highest possible success rate in development. fashion has always been about timing, and always will be. but as an industry of beauty, the sense of timing that is more calculated for results is, at times, overlooked. love inspired is a process unto itself. to know love is to be love, and to shine through that as an example in all of your engagements. as part two of this four part series, i hope that, even beyond the mother agency, and with me as a person, you have been inspired, are stunned at what can be done and feel encouraged to push the limits to greater heights in your own ways, in and outside of fashion. my mother agency will be known for the love that my girls have for me, and i for them, in a way that sets us apart, and already has, in building trust. in our house values thus far, in this series, love cannot be anything but inspired when it rings true to those who feel it. i urge you to not only think of your inspiration for part two of this series, but to live that inspiration and to become it. love inspired is action for change.

the third installment to follow part two is ‘through/transcending’
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