by Jeremy Danté

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in development of the logo for LITA, the letters signifying “love” and “inspired” are italicized. these elements were intentional, as love can be fluid and free, it is flexible, and can withstand gravity defying feats through it’s passage of process. the last two letters, signifying, “through” and “adversity” stand tall and strong. for the last two values support the fluidity and freedom of love. to go through something is never ending. in the process of model development, building an agency and curating experience through creative strategy is unending. much like the fashion calendar, the door to fashion revolves. girls come and go, but the relationships that are found within the confines of fashion and industry are never forgotten. they mark moments and are frozen in time through photography. when taking on the challenge of becoming a mother agent, i had to seriously consider what the job would entail. could i take on the challenge of supporting women, in the toughest corners of work? through emotional coaching, personally, and creative coaching, professionally. could i balance the ins as well as the outs of the ways successful women are built in business and able to withstand as human beings outside of that chaos? would i be able to take the girl, trust the girl and have her trust me with her career, her image and hand her off to the right hands? all of these were questions in my mind, when dehonney originally approached me about becoming her mother agent.

my initial gut reaction was fear, to cast it away as though i had no know-how. to back down from the challenge immediately, before really thinking of the emotional strengths i brought to the game of fashion. in challenges, my creativity brought me through, dehonney and i were taken through many tough moments where we just sat and thought, “what the fuck does this mean?” – many, many times. but we pushed through together, and maintained communication through every single thing. there isn’t one aspect that we don’t discuss. as a new face, rae ventura and my communication style is modeled in the same way. it feels good to push through a challenge and use communication to combat whatever lies ahead, especially when you dont know what could be waiting for you on the other side. the T for “through”, visually represents the twists and turns of process; essentially a fork in the road type of approach. as the third of four values, this value really withstands through all other values and is at the core of them all, truly. while others can bend and twist, through is everlasting, and a pillar of strength that all other values rely upon. pushing through is incredibly valuable as a trait, outside of fashion, and just committing to oneself to transform in all the right ways, to make it to the other side.

transitions are inevitable in every process. transitions have no limitation on frequency, or even time. they are as necessary to growth as oxygen is to human life. in the house of four values that comprise my agency, through is the subtle yet striking value. it sits amidst a core of values that are strong, and keeps them all together. like a mother to her children, the ‘T’ in LITA is always there, and completes a trifecta of strength through it’s gentle nature and seamless threading efforts. in the development process for models, and any artists, there is a waiting period. in this waiting period, you’re left to face the silence of your own stagnancy, and learn how to deal with the challenges of that. sitting in the silence, you learn to speak with purpose and thus move into your purpose through that struggle, and transitional space.

re-evaluation, reproach, regret, recognition- it’s all there. unavoidable, sometimes hard to discuss but necessary to address. with my models, everything works through communication and confrontation. without confronting issues, or even simply addressing them, there is no way to combat them. in my own process as an artist, this is what i have found most helpful through trial and error. without communication, everything dies. in aligning the success of my creative persona with my emotional personality, this is a process that we find many moments of transition through our life as human beings. it’s that push and pull that gets us through, keeps us going and allows us to fail and succeed all the same. failures are necessary to success as darkness is to the light. to approach any transition, you must first accept the commitment of taking the good with the bad. otherwise, you won’t pass through to the other side. in building the house of values of LITA Mother Agency; in thinking of what matters most, personally as well as creatively, what impacts culture; the value of ‘T’ can easily be overlooked since the other values are so strong, singularly. but not without proper measure, the transitional important of ‘T’ in our acronym is what allows our agency to stand.

“T” is really the game changer, and interpersonal connector of all our values, as it can also be interchangeable. early development seen “T” being substituted as transcendence, but with language flow, ‘through’ worked better as a forward motion. whether transcending, translating or transitioning- it’s all moving upward. as the third of four values, the last of our acronyms reinforces all others. all values work together, and can stand alone, but work best when paired together; securing a four corner post of strength.

the fourth and final installment to follow part three is ‘adversity’
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