by Jeremy Danté


everything starts with runway. in this space, that has been proven. new faces debut on the runways, which show us the collections. the collections dictate the trends, which are showcased in editorials and advertising campaigns. and with a few months that separate, the rest of the of the cycle returns for the new and next season. runway today, has two mainline seasons, and two pre-seasons, with the inclusion for some- a couture season as well as a bridal season. so collections are a constant for major fashion houses.

at, we’ve covered runway, beginning with menswear, circulating through couture and then covering womenswear. this has become a major component for content, and drives most of what has been done and what has been done most consistently. as we enter into the next decade, i have found that my content has provided a social study of sorts. it provides another layer of my level of taste, helps to refine my eye and plugs me in to culture in a way that no other forms of media, art or news could ever dream of. celebrating 10 years in the digital ‘scape, i want to return to this formalized and structure method of discussion and review, for the sake of educational purposes in direct alignment with my models at LITA mother agency.

to manage this process much more efficiently, and to not revert to the single post per review method; collections will be presented in a top ten style – at the close of the season once all collections have shown. the formulation of 10 is in direct tandem with the 10 years i’ve crafted my content for you, and will set forth the process for other content and forms of education, i can share or create within that. a return to the runway for me, content-wise, represents a homecoming. the internet has dramatically altered our sense of real time. and rather than waiting for live in seasons to become published in the glossies, my original approach of dubbing what i like and why, will help communicate with what ways i am strategizing and building my business for the agency. as process obsessed as i am, i still very much love the connectivity of writing in this space, and with a greater intention for my business, there is no better time than to make the return. all that said, i do find it necessary, after 10 years, to remind those that have may forgotten- where it all started.