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Photo Feb 01, 11 38 02 PM copyintended to be a reaction to fashion, i set out to use this space as a method of note-taking for all that i had learned of high fashion beginning the winter of 2007. overtime my voice has been amplified on the digital scene, evolving into an artist’s narrative for the culture of sound & style. my attraction to high fashion heightened following the debut of italian vogue’s all black issue. i soon became dedicated to uncovering the secret society of fashion to learn how it works. during this period in my life, i began to pay closer attention to industry details. i have used my voice as a tool, allowing it be viewed as a reaction to both image & style. i have been able to identify & discuss the cultural impact of fashion, from clothes to simple perceptions of beauty. my own development as a writer has given me a better understanding of this industry through my research of supermodels, modeling agencies, stylists & photographers. learning first of fashion through lyrics recited in hip-hop during in my youth, my hunger for greater knowledge of labels & the glamour associated with them intensified. my interest in fashion is rooted in music- big budget music videos, album artwork & the advertising approach of the music industry. this taught me about aesthetic & more importantly about style. in my life i have continued my search for meanings in fashion, as well as in the media, both mainstream and independent. from ghetto dreams to couture seams, the story of my work is that of unending evolution. my edurance has been challenged & the responsibility i feel to share empowering creative information with you continues to flourish. my mind, my life, my heart is shared with you here through writing. when i gave myself the title as ‘the face of fashion blogging’ it was to represent character. to become the mascot & represent something i felt was not being properly represented. my dedication & approach to serving quality through content has been noticed by a couple heavy hitters, most noteably, kanye west. i’ve been lucky enough to gain acknowledgement as a writer by the likes of MTV as well as dolce & gabbana’s, this has allowed my work to give way to a greater dialogue for fashion. i have also lent my voice to burgeoning style entities, becoming the first & only style contributor for chris brown’s mechanical dummy, as well as independent publication based in new york by the name of style mode. as my work continues to evolve, i take on a greater responsibility to serve as the voice of digital style culture, as well as the music that soundtracks that scene. through exploration of high end forms of media, i aim to further uncover & provide a space for those seeking articulation for creativity that has previously gone unspoken. i want to compose something of value that elevates fashion, from an artistic level & includes enough technical information to make fashion kids feel included without isolating, what i would consider, fashion rookies. image drives what i do & allows me to dissect what is presented visually, though writing. you can’t have one without the other. i am looking to add creative value to the world of blogging which has cheapened journalism & high end fashion. i represent the artists perspective. fashion is a choice, not a requirement- style is inescapable.


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