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in the same vein of dedication exists a girl, named dehonney. a valiant beauty of enduring presence. the summer of 2016, i found myself at a turning point, deciding to change the course of what i thought would come to be for me, in new york city. in fortitude, i called her and encouraged her to leave where i felt she wasn’t supported, knowing what i knew from the industry from the inner lining up to that point. in pure support, with no ill intent to damage or seek retaliatory reckon for what happened to me; i offered to help coordinate meetings. in agreement, it was underway.

we took meetings we didn’t think possible, reaching the summit of the industry; we sat nervously together. waiting on responses, we remained united. it was after that first meeting, on the subway and in the corners of my big white walled room that she said, “why don’t you become my mother agent”. i gasped immediately, at my own inexperience, citing that i couldn’t possibly take it on. but it was then, i knew, a call of destiny. a pathway that was seemingly lit for me, and she lead me to it. it was seamless. the opportunity presented itself and the chemistry, the camaraderie was completely organic. when i first met her, it was almost like she was part of my family already. and with that agreement, we decided to go the journey together. to strategize and rebuild what had been damaged in the process, prior. the summer soon fell into fall, and the winds of change blew my way. at high speeds, those changes could not be predicted. i found myself nervously getting to JFK, 24hrs before my flight with the sense of dizzying emotion. when i called to tell her, she encouraged me, saying, “no, family is first- that is more important”. and as fall fell to winter’s cold- my grandmother passed away as our entire family knelt at her bedside. in a blur of what i cannot recollect; i was back in NYC. somewhere amidst the blur, i then lost my grandfather. riding the same blur in my return to the east coast, i continued our plan for dehonney to join me in new york city. where we would reside together. elements fell into place, and our journey’s beginning came together beautifully. in my hopes of recovery and mourning, i was able to take on the city with an aerial view and renewed sense of promise. as creatives, we blended ideas, and grew together. it was decided in january of 2017, that we would launch a mother agency named after my grandmother. and we did, which was also announced here. beyond perfect measurements or photographic presence is heart. and this would not be a space of model-esque beauty, without mention of dehonney and the ways she has allowed my vision to be perfected at such early stages. she is the perfect representation of what my grandmother would see as poised, and promised.

and with that promise, we’ve rebuilt, regenerated our strengths together as individuals and as a team. as we look onward to expansion and bringing on other faces- dehonney is now and will forever be, the first girl. the face of LITA, in it’s embodiment of love inspired through adversity. through inspiration of unity, dehonney came together to power through this adversity that we both experience from opposite but intersecting dimensions. understanding the unpredictable nature of industry; let there be no more doubt of what is possible today. for a young, brown skinned beautiful young woman- the world is not ready. and our mission has guided us powerfully, together. i am proud to represent dehonney, as mother agent- and with no lacking form of sentiment, let that be heard, remembered and understood. to represent, to embody- to become. in growth and in possession of such grand awareness to allow beauty to shine from within, that is who dehonney is and greatness is what is destined for her. let the confidence of my information now inform you- that the future is here. and her name is dehonney.

for more information on dehonney visit litamotheragency.com
global options for representation in multiple markets are currently underway.
for booking information email, lita@jeremydante.com 



never has a complexity to cope rendered such beauty as this. and as a concept, that beauty transcended and bled into my life and off the screen, in ways that i never dreamed manifestation would ever even allow possible. a decade ago, i sat in my loft apartment, with nothing but time and a sense of desperation to cope. to cope with the longing sense of belonging, to my then boyfriend, and ex-fiancé. measured to a standard that was so far past perfection it seemed impossible to reach. challenged in ways, emotionally barred and held captive to a commitment that served none, but one. and as he spent his nights away, drug induced; leaving my line tied with unanswered calls, vague text message and fragmented fears of loss that was all but avoidable.

and so every time i missed him, i wrote. in this space, i filled empty promises with information, and lonely days that turned to lonely weeks and weekends that felt that they would never end. i did that in this space. an outlet towards the inward, this space filled with information due to lack of communication, and what made me feel less than transformed into what was realized as my being better than. taking shape and strengthening in that form, was you. and with you, we grew together. and invisibility became a light. so we grew, and learned here. we learned of process- of casting, campaigns, themes and culture. culture thrived in spaces where our light was seemingly dimmed. and on the glossy pages of all the fashion magazines that we thumbed through, digitally, in this space- the editorial textures of girls of industry standard- those things blurred the blemishes of my everyday reality.

the reality of new york city seemed distant, though it happened. that guy, that old boyfriend, that expired fiancé- he never wanted me to go to new york. but i did. but only following a six year period of visit, reflect, deflect and reject. the process was liberation and in that liberation, there was new love. never fleeing without challenge or the tug and pull of loss and light, love and linger- there i was, still in this space, each step of the way. what i wrote seemed to become reality. and as chopped as i configured the context, someone always read through it. a boy avoiding moments of missing his emotionally unavailable boyfriend, turned to glittering lights on a world stage in the number one market in the world. and so it is, my greatest dedication was not for the unavail of my then, wrongly regarded, love. my greatest dedication was not to fashion, nor the models- but it was to myself. and in that came triumph. the beauty that i defined in others was only allowable by the ways i was able to identify the same in myself. for without the root, there could be no tree- intended examples to demonstrate growth. and you, my reader, the one who continued to read and to understand the message- you’ve acted as the water while i was the sun. because the sun can overpower, and burn- it can kill, but it can grow. and my dedication of self, today, is a gesture of true gratitude.

gratuitously, your generosity to me has guided me lovingly and back to the light. creatively recognized, and crowned, in subtle yet powerful ways. your silence has been stronger in moments that allowed my voice to be heard. and when i sat in silence, your responses broke the night and struck through the days where there was nothing but rain. models saved and paved the way, in their careers we’ve watched and applauded. beyond photos, and in-between characters of runway and composition- we love and live here. a decade later, what has trailed away has highlighted who has stayed. glowing beyond the surface, lies the true beauty- which doesn’t fade. forever is tangible, and love lives forever in this space. heroes are female, and men are silent in ways that build women to greatness through understanding of cultural codes and yes, strength. here, vulnerability straddles displays under lights soundtracked to bass and digital sounds which show each season. it’s beyond fashion, and in the interweaving greatness of style. it’s personal, and private, yet shared with many for worlds over to see and to discover on their own time.

exists here, no ownership, only relationship. not limited to fine print, only limited to expression of true artistry. a grain on a photograph, a meticulously altered face, but a striking glance into the lens of who we are together, and also even apart. a decade of dedication to only mark a beginning. and no fears of an ending even call to question the present, because the time that we’ve shared was never forced- but always self imposed. leaving the exposed as, again, a way to cope. but not to the unemotional, but to the sense of art. art of self, art of discovery. love of the depth, admiration of the darkness and closeness of the delicate in a way that no added light is needed. rich and boundless, this love will live forever- in you and me, and together we will be, dedicated.

to all who have lived, loved and endured in this space. 
may you continue to find and share inspiration for yourself and others. 
this dedication serves in your honor. 



we’ve spent a decade together in this space. in what was originally intended as a personal note pad for understanding the industry process of fashion became a foreground for a cultural narrative that was embraced by a global audience. to commemorate our time here together, i will be curating a year long series of 10. everything will be shared; the most stylish, the most influential and the greatest culture shifters from my generation and from my view. from cassette tapes, to the breakthrough of compact disks, boom boxes to stereo systems and trunk thumping bass. it’s all about style and through to the core. trickling the influence from cities across the U.S., and floating through the international fashion scene, this series will see me reveal the root of my inspirations.

i am most excited to share this series with you, the readers, who have taken time to share, read and provide support from the many countries you’ve allowed me to enter by returning to see what content was being placed here. as an independent digital persona, you’ve grown with me and there is no greater form of gratitude that i can provide, other than to share even more of myself with you, through what inspires me. we’ve ripped through the magazines, and torn down the runways year after year in this space. and we’re still here, continuing to push and still looking for our next source of inspiration. Ahead of the series, between a range of collections, i’ll be sharing archived interviews that have never been published, that have been collected through the years.

the beauty of this space is that there are no boundaries. elements of influence, questions of structure and challenging of perception has all been done here. from supermodels to the super talented, those subjects of content have become friends and in the process have opened my world into greater possibilities and even bigger ideas. a decade ago, i sat in my loft apartment with very little money, but an understanding and a vision. today, i sit with you from a view i had never expected to be a part of, and this year long series is a dedication to you for allowing me to connect and reveal a part of myself that i wasn’t able to, many years before the rise of the internet. thank you for being a part of this dream, realized. and thank you for guiding my path with your light to higher ground.

with all my heart, i thank you.


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in love and liberation, this is a proclamation of identities being unionized in an effort of abandon. that abandon, is one of intentional purpose to give greater space to what lies on the other side. what lies on those outer limits is a greater freedom, a sensibility of connection and purpose that has been processed, consistently, for 10 years in this space. the name that i’ve built was initially constructed through a visage of my face. visually obstructed, as to hide within the content, my true face was shown and my most sincere voice heard. reactionary, disciplinary and conditional- this purpose grew into jeremydante.com. here, we’ve discussed and questioned aspects of beauty culture, fashioned ideas of femininity and have glorified the truths of such actions, in words and images. we’ve celebrated the presence of color, and questioned the moments of grey scaled silence, that left us bare with our light-less forms of contrast. together, we’ve remained unified in our ideas and identities of who we are, and how that is represented.

my own ability to self identify and build upon presence, has been a blessing. my greatest success in this space is showing you who i am, and my greatest gratitude is shown in the ways that you’ve accepted and honored me with your support and simple presence. while others were focusing on finding their significant other, or busy looking for starter family homes and baby proofing, i was looking inward. i remained an independent force, creatively, learning both emotionally and through the process of building my own digital home base; that no one can do it better than you can do it for yourself. in developing a creative structure, i was able to overflow into my emotional curiosity and support my own sense of self, through analysis in many of the same ways that i’ve viewed cultural markers and happenings of the world. whether fashion, or sociology, music or feminism; it was all connected. i was sometimes criticized for trivializing certain components, but real ones know my core purpose which is, purely, cultural activism. of course, over the 10 years that jeremydante.com has been around, there have been growth spurts, long form exercising efforts and breakthroughs. what was shown creatively became reflected emotionally. born of bi-racial ethnicity, i learned to balance the ethnic and the culturally bare. to understand flavor, and the tolerate the bland. it was in this art form of balance that i learned and craved contrast. emotionally, i learned of this balance through moments of loss, identifying gain. and in love, being sensitive to aspects of hate- learning of methods to maintain clarity and to magnify focus all the same.

with a 90’s divorce creating a division in my own family life, i knew that all things weren’t intended to remain whole; and that separation was at moments healthier and the better option than to stay and to suffer. i learned of the clash of masculine and feminine roles. to understand the anti-intellect of men, while favorably leaning towards the complexity of femininity and the beauty of womanhood- through struggle. being a witness of failed potential and tarnished hope, i had to find a way to craft my own development of self into a unique culmination of what inspired me of my mother, and had to solve the equation of the disappointment of my father, and those many failed potentials. in my adult life, the difficulties of such equations only multiplied, i started to understand certain breaks, why certain roads lead to dead ends, and why others were roads without ends all together. i learned that i didn’t identify with my white side, void of culture of emotional sensitivity, and through sensitivity that it was actually ‘white fragility’. what became vividly clear  was that there was unique, unbreakable sense of community that i felt, which became second nature, when in my filipino family unit.

my senses of taste, or style; notions of progression or concepts of creativity existed in those spaces. the elements of  white washed approach or with that ‘on the job’ form of behavior, or even speaking were programed methods of tolerance. in 2017, there was no doubt a turn of cultures, a redefining and barrier breaking exploitation of white privilege that was just far too loud to ignore. speaking only from my experience, personally, and in many cases secretly because it bared no greatness to even share or expose such connection- seeing victims of prescription medication abuse, or alcoholism pathways lit by lacking communication. it was all very simple, and the struggles to connect the dots were simple road signs directing you to turn the fuck around. all of those dark identities were coming from a link that was never intended to be tied to me in the first place, at least not legally. my father being a child who was never properly claimed, leading to a birth certificate which a young white female mother, absent-mindedly added a name of no actual origin. my father had the name, and later adopted, illegally, through use of adding this last name to school papers in grade 3.

my own filipino lineage being disconnected, because proper form and communication were both ignored. last names not revealed for intentional purposes to avoid legal action presently; but originally to just, create a name of my own. a name, by which i will actively point out, was given to me at birth anyways. to go from a four part name, to a two form simplification- it’s direct. it is my name, and has been all along; but the legalities that will commence this year will be the finalization that one hopelessly aims for with a significant other. legally, a name change to alter and remove a white last name, to adopt and ultimately create a singular presence is what i have done.

this proclamation, is one that is very personal; and almost dizzyingly dressed up, hidden amongst my choice of words. this is a process of matrimony to self. to enter into a new era, that secures what i have built, to clean and clear whatever bullshit was tied to old names in the first place. to be free, and unchained; to make the decision after feeling the sense of disconnection. all things on god’s time, this was a process that happened over time and with time, because in due time- i realized it was my time. my time to discover, to re-connect to disconnect and then to connect in a new way, that was more of a removal all together. no path was ever glittering nor was it ever the easiest, friendliest or happiest place to be. but all of those things help you to understand the meaning of such prosperities and luxuries. to assume a life of difficulties, means you will lavish in the many simplicities that life has to offer there after. and as a celebratory entrance into this new era, we have an amazing 10 years as an active, growing body of work to enjoy and be proud of. in the name of jeremy danté, allow the work that’s already been done, to fill your heart as much as it has my own, to create and present it to you.

in under 10 years, there are over 4,000 posts here, which have been read by readers in over 322 countries as of 2017. this is only the beginning, and we’ve already accomplished so many things together. with simple communication. and with that lead in for the new year, the full circle motion is enough of an announcement to share in what is to come. thank you to all of you for reading, sharing the work and providing support.



they left angeles city in 1967, the largest populous city in the province of pampanga, in the philippines. angeles city was home to clark air base, and my family entered into the united states on military clearance. my life has been based in the bay area, new york city, and my relocation to los angeles has seemed like a full circle moment. blessings spinning from the sky and into my heart in only a way that angels could carry. i sat on our way to work and told leya, “you wanna know something interesting? my family is from angeles city in the philippines- and now i am in los angeles” when i first arrived in from NYC. the first born grandchild of the third generation of my family, my cousin angelo graduated from UCLA; and now my entrance into this city leads me to new paths. all things by design of god; i often think of the signs that god is giving to me, the blessings that have come and those that have gone. i remain rooted in gratitude, but in this space, in this city and in this chapter of my life; in becoming my fully destined self, i think of my grandparents, who guide me now, from the heavens. the concept of angels. the thought of salvation. of making it to the other side and coming into the light from the darkness. the battle of facing fears versus losing to them, and the irony of victory through surrender.

my life has been a constant challenge of resistance and release. whether looking to stay in control, or acting out of control- the pressures have always remained. survival is in my blood, transcendence is a family tradition that i find unavoidable for myself. it’s an inheritance. challenging myself and others around me, as if to wrap myself in my own figurative wings in life, i’ve gone out of my way, above and beyond to protect my own purity, hoping to inspire greater purity in others. the results of that still yet unrevealed, things i touch are heavily scented with my aesthetic, my darkness shines like light and none of that is in vain. it’s through the hard work of the generations before me- my understanding of what it means to be american, about celebrating women, about crediting culture- i am who my ancestors, and relatives were and still are because i am survived. i told my sister last night, “you can feel however you want to feel about me- I’m in your bloodstream” – and like the cancer that spread into my grandmother’s GI tract, giving her only 7 days to live after prognosis- my purity will run through the symbollic blood flow of life, my hope is to infect every cell into purity until true beauty is more accurately defined.

i’ve discussed concepts of beauty at length in this space, feeling much like i do in my expressions of love- that no words, actions or intentions are enough for definition. to fight, commit and dedicate oneself is a life long work. you study it, you rehearse it, recite it and present it. you defend it and move into spaces where the purity is called into question; but the only thing that will remain is that of what is true. because what is true purity if it has not been challenged by the unpure? what joys can be felt without contrasting of pain? for it is those who give that will receive. those who are paying attention who will be paid in return. it’s all vibes, moods and attitude. awareness is meticulosity,  and in that cleanliness exists the purity of details and the refinement of what is real. beyond DNA or thought process, and into theories of higher power, and evidence of that- will live forever. as i sit gathering myself for strategy, i am humbled.

losing to win, leaving the familiar to come back into a space with such a gratitude that you fall to your knees. there is no way that i could chop this shit up so you could understand what it’s like to live it. the pictures, the articles of beauty, and then seeing true beauty beyond the computer screen, but then seeing all this shit is connected. a blessing, beyond any greater truth. it’s so real, all of it. in this full circle moment, each second is contained within a circle like a halo, and by the way i heard that song today, lending to greater notion that in my referential space, all is connected. the presence of angels in life and death are undeniable, for those who have actual faith. it is in life’s surrender that the truth comes. vulnerability for strength and all those others comparatives that i could type out for you- if you get it, you do. if you don’t- you never will. and that is what probes my sensitivity; my quick nature to walk away, or to disengage entirely at improper phrasing, poor choices or lack of poise.

from cold concrete streets and rotting subway rails to a land of sunshine and freedom and root my upbringing, gratitude can’t be cited enough in this time. counting every single loss as a blessing for having existed, the time is now realized as the most powerful, where you make it count or get counted out. you have no time to waste, and even in that wasted space- it’s still by god’s design. giving me my strength, are my gramma and grampa. i see you and feel you; regarding my relationships with you as active and still standing. first and second generations here are represented as another symbol of me, as i sit in the third row generation, watching as generation four enters the runway. and in that, i love.

jeremy danté is now living and scouting in los angeles, ca
to schedule a meeting email LITA@jeremydante.com


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there is a scene at the end of the 1993 film, starring michael j. fox, “life with mikey” that thrives in this energetic lane that i have longed for and lived in for my life. the scene includes a young girl named kimberly, who sings a striking rendition of “the lullaby of broadway”. in my specific collective of sonic and visual references, this one exists. i’ve never sat and seen the film, nor have i had the desire to do so. it’s just that one scene, at the very end that always pulled me in. oddly enough, the last few days i spent at my new york apartment, my roommate drew martin mentioned that scene. and immediately we talked about it, and just that moment. that talent defining breakthrough of a moment, where a skill is realized, and you break away from private study or meticulous concentration and escape into the judgement and acceptance of others who will share in your talent. it’s those moments, whether subtle or overbearing that my life is all about.

it’s about timing and understanding of development. it’s a crash course of loss and gain, contrasted with public desires in a private space of artistry. that’s what new york has been for me. a distant dream of industry, social realm and quite darkness with loud opportunities that i longed for. and so i left, leaving my home of california to escape into the greater unknown. equipped with love and protected in that as well, 2014 was the winter of blizzards in new york city. and i didn’t mind. i would walk 5th avenue, or go for  coldstone near times square. i defined new york city within my own terms, often of isolation for greater purified sense of inspiration. i was alone. losing love in the space, losing jobs in that city, lost looking for where to get on, where to get off; where to eat. crying in the middle of the snow, trying to keep my hands warm in single digit temperatures and chills. it wasn’t easy. when it was hard, it was the most difficult, but when it was easy, it was like water. the tug and pull of the fluidity and difficulty showed me many things of others, and most intimately things of myself. swinging back and forth were the moments of my own proven strength with moments of necessary surrender.

i left my apartment sobbing like someone had died, and with the loss of my two grandparents in october and november, the sense of loss was overwhelming. i cried the entire drive to terminal 2 at JFK, from my apartment at 700 W 178th street in Upper Manhattan. thinking of the love i was leaving in my space, the dreams that came true and those that came crashing down. i realize that in my life, i need to develop a greater ability to let go, and be stronger in faith than i have been in the past. not to cling to what i define as stable, or comfortable or easy, but to manage in a way that leans on strength in faith. guidance by angels, brought me to the city of angels, where i was met with new opportunities which will open new ways for life and love. the cross street of my apartment in new york city was broadway. and with the assemblence of attention to detail, following my desire to find the signs with proper interpretation from where they’ve come from god; this post titled itself.

i waited for the train on the pier of san clemente, awaiting to ride into los angeles, and thought of this new life. not entirely new, because i am a native of california, but new as a chapter of my life. to be where i am is a blessing, to have been able to lead as i have, to be guided as i have been- there is a god that looks down with an abundance of blessings and a greater plan for me than i can imagine. as things unfold, i look back at the moments of love and hold to the lessons, while forgetting the struggles to create my own pathway of things i’ve survived and moved past. the enslavement of minds that created gaps of bridges that i chose to burn to save my own sanity and influence. the purity of my white room that always helped me to maintain the beauty of the darkness under the right light. and when i say the right light, i mean the light from within- boundless and without a color for categorization.

within range of family, shining under the sun, the lullaby that i created at the cross street of broadway is a story that only i, and maybe one other know. privately guarded, my new york story is a love story. it’s a story of survival, triumph and loss- like all the great stories which lay the foundation for other stories to gather. representing aesthetics and culture along the way, i’ve loved and lived in new york city. building character through each set back, and steadily climbing while fighting to be greater, not just for myself, but for others. and that is the only way to live. that is the only way to love. always remembering the details for the grand scheme of designs by god. we’ll see what the sun brings this time around, and while new york is never too far away, the pits and peaks of the city have contributed to the power of my own ability in ways no one can tell better than me, in my own words, as i have in this space for the past nine years.

for the moments of greatness that i’ve lived through
in new york city, and the love that i felt along the way



love inspired through adversity. a culmination of a life long philosophy, reflection of self and guiding principle for development. through each phase of my own growth process has been check points, challenges and even re-examination of past lessons in order to transcend into greater levels of performance. this pathway, which i have followed has organically developed for me in my own life and will now serve as a force for the women who i take on to educate, develop and power into greater awareness of their own potential, beyond what they may see within themselves. inspired by my maternal grandmother, and a photograph i found of her during my design process for her funeral services in october 2016; she stood amidst 11 women, wearing the highest heel, had the highest ponytail and the smallest waist. after all the departures and separations i had experienced in fashion, thinking of how much i was committed  to my own ideas, the image struck me like a sharp reminder of who i am. thinking of my grandmother and the ways that she was always poised, always smiling and always representing at best; it was only natural that i name my mother agency after her, the mother of all mothers- in my family and in my world.

a mother to 5 children, and grandmother to 14; estelita bulatao was a loving sister and dedicated wife. through adversity she approached the unknown with faith and through those processes intentionally applied love through measured patience. a survivor and pioneer from the philippines and into the united states, she knew how to turn nothing into something great, was resourceful and inspired by beauty and had particularity in all aspects of building family, home and experience. it is in these same principles, that i will guide, develop and design the women who i choose to take on through my mother agency. the process of creating and developing instincts is a religious experience for me. i commit through worship to my ideas which i feel are guided by a higher power i was raised to believe in. these beliefs give me strength in weakness, light in the dark and faith in doubt. beyond any form of greater meaning, and defining of purpose, to be placed in a position that reinforces the power of women is where i feel i serve most significantly.

love is at the basis of all that i do; it drives my passion and allows me to go into a mode of almost robotic like consistency through execution. as a new and emerging collective, the ideas and potential of what i see for the future of what i am building are being constructed every day. through partnerships, meaningful inspiration and understanding of strategy and personal growth, the founding principles discussed here provide a backdrop for what will be, through what is. for models looking to redevelop, or new faces entering the game; LITA will provide a sense of nurture and balance to what can often times be seen as silent and unnecessarily difficult in the industry of fashion. dealing in reality, through a basis of clear understanding and yes, love, LITA will lead by example by providing an antithesis within the scope of the fashion industry. respecting the structure enough to bring forth new methods, LITA is not afraid to explore uncharted territory, take on the challenge of transformation and understanding strain to aide those in need, to get to higher ground.


for the everlasting legacy of estelita bulato 1940-2016
for information on the agency visit litamotheragency.com
or contact scouting@jeremydante.com