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collection images: alexander wang, pre-fall

the pre-fall 2011 alexander wang collection sees the designer continuing down a path of creativity, with influence of downtown new york street style headlinging the set. interesting choice of concepts, cuts are combined with a dark palette which is contrasted with few shots of orange. from head to toe- each look is undendingly chic & provides a great continuation of what we’ve been seeing from wang the past few seasons. when it comes to direction, alexander wang is one of the best. whether athleticism or dark 90’s goth inspired- his branding signature is well developed beyond a shadow of a doubt. masculine edge is seen through the clothes, while feminine seduction is felt in the way each piece is constructed. i am very excited about this collection & can see many of the pieces editorially throughout this year. a superb set of design- couldn’t be more perfect.

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lookbook images: t by alexander wang, spring

the T by alexander wang collection is a sub-collection to the alexander wang mainline, seen here is the sub-collections spring 2011 set. focused on relaxed silhouettes & a strict color palette, the collection is a slight progression of last seasons campaign. born in in 1984, alexander wang grew up in the 90’s & much of that style era is seen through his concepts, fused with new school design minimalism. the collection is based on the classical style elements of a t-shirt, hence the T reference. seen in grey, black & oatmeal tones, the collection showcases a wide range of looks that share the same cohesive concepts. a perfect addition to the already astounding style archives of alexander wang’s design empire of  downtown street style.

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spring collections: alexander wang, new york

the alexander wang collection took me a bit by surprise. while i had expected a heightened level of concept in design, the collection seemed void of an actual inspiration. much like i say of black, i will say the same of white- details become hidden. while black designs are often associated with the fall fashion season, white seems to be the color of trend for SS11; a palette choice that was never absent throughout wang’s current collection. with his past season inspirations of athleticism & grunge of the nineties, this collection, literally, pales in comparison. a washed out palette was applied this season & the overall aesthetic was severely affected. though clean lines were presented there is very little versatility from one look to the next.

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max motta for t by alexander wang, fall

shot by daniel jackson, max motta appears for the fall, T by alexander wang campaign. shot entirely in black & white, the brazilian top model represents that casual chic that alexander wang aims to achieve in fashion design. ranking as the no. 42 male model within the top 50, you’ve seen max appear in campaigns for trussardi, tommy hilfiger & tom ford. in this campaign, though not shown here, he co-stars with zoë kravitz. it’s that whole relaxed 90’s feel; the comfortable style that, by definition, evokes true style. max is represented by ford.

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collection images: alexander wang, resort

continuing to thrive in design minimalism, alexander wang presents his resort collection for 2011. adding maroon to a grey, white & neutral palette, wang give’s clientele a reason to shop in between fashion seasons. while i dont particularly like each of the looks as a whole, piece by piece i find that i have a greater sense of appreciation for wang’s designs. that said, i do respect his approach in fashion & commend him as a vital talent of the future in fashion. & while i stuggled to understand the vision of wang’s fall 2010 collection- i will say there is a fine line between minimal & boring. here is a solid design set.

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runway video: alexander wang, new york

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