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collection images: sophie theallet, resort

an aesthetic described as bohemian luxe has become the signature of the sophie theallet label; this direction is closely guarded & well executed season after season. presenting their 2012 resort collection, anais mali stars in the collections wide ranged set of stylish pieces ranging from gowns to pant suits. while the approach to the pre-season is noticeably more relaxed, the collection remains in it’s own lane of relaxed silhouettes of the bohemian aesthetic. while i would’ve liked to see much more developement in allowing the clothes to take on a greater feel of sophistication, i appreciate the pre-season effort.

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fall collections, new york: reed krakoff

as the creative director of coach, not many are aware of the designer known as reed krakoff. since my discovery of his namesake designer collection, based in new york, i’ve been consistently impressed with krakoff’s approach to design & admire his clean aesthetic. soft architectural lines were complimented to subtle use of print, metallics, satin, leather & fur. i love the collections coats & am very impressed by the new methods of construction within the set- innovation is matched perfectly to classical elements while both blend well perfectly. as a minimalist myself, i love this collection for it’s undeniable style. from elegant formal looks in the form of gowns to the chic casual styles presented in the form of knitwear; a wide range of looks is seen. with kasia struss closing & opening the show, jacquelyn jablonski, jourdan dunn, ajak deng, karolina kurkova, alla kostromichova, aline weber, anais mali, ming xi & sigrid agren were also among this season’s cast.

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fall collections, new york: diane von furstenburg

a wide array of prints in a multitude of colors were seen on the runway for the FW11 DVF collection. relaxed dresses were seen with a transfixing mix of patterns. this season, i had gone into reviewing this collection expecting something young & fresh- along the lines of what we had seen for the past two seasons & i was a bit disappointed. i admire that many of the diane von furstenburg style signatures were represented but my expectation of the set was not met. i feel like many of the elements the were introduced this season have been seen by many other labels last season; i dont feel any real sense of new. in fashion, i really look for how design can affect- how is it moving you, how is style being reinterpreted, how is it being reinvented. karmen pedaru, joan smalls, tao okamoto & anais mali were spotted amongst this season’s cast but this set was a miss for me.

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fall collections, new york: prabal gurung

as karlie kloss opened the show, the FW11 direction taken by prabal gurung was instantly felt & greatly represented. a rich series red looks ensued the runways as black & white entered the collection palette. unexpectedly chic dipped furs were seen alongside sheer textiles, beautiful use of leather & impressively intricate details which broke some of the strict sophistication up a bit. deconstructed necklines, wide legged trousers & slim tailored looks were seen as well as the models walked with bold brows & multi-layered nylon stockings. as the collection progressed the palette cooled to grey & eventually to white, as shades of neutral swelled to pink; leading to beautifully beaded gowns that closed the show. creatively, the collection makes a promising mark for the FW11 season & further proves the talent & skill of prabal gurung, who has had quite the buzz in new york fashion circles both this year & last. as stunning as the show itself, the gurung girls of the fall season included, frida gustavsson, ming xi, liu wen, alla kostromichova, our beloved joan smalls, jacquelyn jablonski, patricia van de vliet, anais mali, hanne gaby odiele, valerija kelava, jourdan dunn, fei fei sun & constance jablonski in addition to this season’s opener, previously mentioned, ms. kloss. a beautiful collection of thoughtful & powerful details, a stunning approach to the fall.

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fall collections, new york: rag + bone

barbaric chic mixed with a bit a varsity cheerleader & a bit of new age  marching band were the insanely creative concepts i felt from the rag & bone womenswear collection this fall. from the first look the collection wasted no time projecting a visually stunning vision that really blew my mind. though a bit more wild compared to some of the american designer labels that have opted for more conservative or refined direction, the rag & bone collection achieved it’s goal in presenting a refreshing take on the fall with fur sleeves, stylish layering, leather pants, geometic color blocking, plaid & even padded leggings. i was very inspired by how wild & tamed the concepts were- very creative & outrageously innovative. in cast, valerija kelava opened the show while liu wen, karmen pedaru, joan smalls, fei fei sun, jacquelyn jablonski, lindsey wixson, edita vilkevicute, sigrid agren, anais mali, hanne gaby odiele, jac walked as arizona muse closed. everything from military style coats were seen alongside ponchos. a super stunning collection of imaginative design & exciting execution. fearless & fashionable all at once.

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fall collections, new york: jason wu

stunned completely, the jason wu collection presented in new york was american couture. incredibly refined down to the last thread, jaw dropping by cast- every aspect of what a runway show should be was seen in this collection. im am beyond astounded at what was created by wu this season, given my initial hesitation at his development early on. wu’s interpretation of sophistication is at it’s peak this season as refined use of lace, metallics & feathers are seen. an all star cast including an opening daphne groenveld that followed sigrid agren, karmen pedaru, ming xi, rose cordero, hanne gaby odiele, fei fei sun, liu wen, jacquelyn jablonski, alla kostromichova, valerija kelava, lindsey wixson, anais mali, barbara plavin, frida gustavsson, joan smalls & karlie kloss with a final look worn by ms. jourdan dunn. based on design aesthetic alone, this collection is a clean cut winner- the cast drives that victory to the next level. the collections palette consisted of black & soft neutrals, with shots of blue, red, yellow & grey coats which were seen at the entrance of the set. i love, love, love this collection & am standing on my feet in applause for the vitality that is seen displayed as the vision of jason wu. new york fashion week just keeps getting better & better- this collection, is the best of the season thus far. an astounding show of sharp tailoring & gorgeous gowns.

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fall collections, new york: peter som

sophisticated style was presented with metallic accents in the form of the FW11 peter som womenswear collection. less than perfect beehives sat atop the models heads as they walked down the runway clad in well tailored dresses, formal pants looks & floor length gowns. much of the collection, stylistically, reminded me of oscar de la renta- it’s that same approach to dressing women that is so timeless. with a palette consisting of cameos of orange, red, blue, grey & black- the collection is one of solid direction & promising concepts. strong not only in design direction but in cast, as anais mali walked alongside tao okamoto, ming xi, valerija kelava & rose cordero. i loved the use of fur on some of the collections coats & while i readily identify a likeness to oscar de la renta’s design style, i also admire the sense of youth seen in the clothes- though classic, the concepts aren’t dated & are given a slight tinge of modernization, which will only enhance the som labels marketability.  

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