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editorialesque » garrett neff for schön

through the lens of philipp mueller, garrett neff of click models appears strikingly in this black & white editorial for the pages of schön magazine. styled by laurent dombrowicz, garrett neff remains one of my favorite male models. when i first became more knowledgable about male models & their agencies, garrett neff was one of the first that i had come to recognize much more easily, in comparison to other male models, through his extensive work with calvin klein. classically built, neff engages us as a visual audience with this effortless masculinity that translates incredibly on camera. grooming is also a huge aspect of editorial which i look at when reviewing editorial & here, i love the decision to keep a bit of facial hair. i remember the first time i seen garrett neff, i took the image to the barber as a reference for what i wanted my hair to look like. nevermind the fact that i came out with something that looked like a hi-top fade & never went back to that barber but my point is, neff’s hair has always been a major selling point. beautiful use of what appears to be natural light, quality retouching & modern styling put this spread in my book of inspiration.

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edita vilkeviciute for numéro china

represented by DNA models, edita vilkevicute is one of my favorite female models for her natural beauty. showcased in the form of pure beauty, edita lands the august cover of numéro china through the lens of kai z. feng. at first glance, the cover seemed uninspired, boring & expected; given the past of numéro, they are notorious for black & white cover shots which for me can be come very one note. i understand the need to represent visual signatures but value versatility just as much. in presenting the cover along with edita’s feature editorial, the single shot hold more value in representing natural beauty & high end jewelry. from her bone structure to her dark lip, the feature editorial & edita are photographed beautifully by feng. i like the combination of greyscaled images & colored shots, the images that show edita with full make-up & the other plain shots; as one note as the cover may seem, the feature delivers that versatility that this issue’s cover lacks. overall, a stunning showing by edita. a well deserved cover & valued photographic performance. while i love fashion, i love the beauty focus here.

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editorialesque » monsters + props by wonderland

what yo’ name iz? o’shea robertson, sid ellisdon, taras koltun

through the lens of kevin mackintosh, wonderland magazine flexes a bit of creative muscle for their april/may issue for this monsters & prop themed editorial spread. styled by way perry, the wildly imaginative spread is seen in black & white while the models that were cast are seen in everything from dunhill to damir doma. i love the execution of this crazed approach to style; the props add an additional aspect of insanity that is well-balanced with the dramatic lighting & unexpected styling. though unconventional, the spread is no less beautiful, in fact, i appreciate the spread for its opposition of more commercial editorials. additionally, in response to this post a reader has courageously pointed out the portrayal of dark as evil, also making note that the prop-eye pieces on the black male model, o’shea, perpetuate racist imagery. do you see it?

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editorialesque » marlon teixeira for gq style china

through the lens of dusan reljin, marlon teixeira appears for the SS11 issue of GQ style china. styled by sean spellman, the denim doused editorial spread showcases on teixeira is raw form- masculinity enhanced. as a lover of black & white photography, i love the aged feel that this spread gives off & i love how well that fits alongside the denim pieces that were selected. high end editorial is all about focusing elements of photography & correctly aligning those elements with style quality- both of which are greatly represented here. represented by wilhelmina models, marlon is of brazilian ethnicity & is a stand out in this new age of male modeling. physically, marlon’s facial features tap into the model market of ‘boyish features’ while his body is an ode to classic masculinity- a perfect combination it seems. marlon’s been seen everywhere from campaign’s with armani to the cover of vanity teen- versatility is one skill he has possessed since he began modeling in 2008.

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editorialesque » simon tham + paolo roldan for numéro homme china

for the pages of numéro homme china, asian male models simon thamm & paolo roldan appear for the publication’s SS11 issue. through the lens of doug english with styling by paul mather, the editorial focuses on the white washed trend of the spring- which is executed perfectly on the backs of roldan & tham. from modern fashion pieces to more classical style direction, i love the emphasis placed upon natural lighting & im obsessed with the morphed images as well. while thamm has been in the game for a minute, roldan continues to build a larger presence on the model scene while both prove to be successful models representing the new school of asian model talent. the choice of greyscaled images somehow highlights the white perfectly. both males are represented by the juggernaut force of a modeling agency known as soul artist management.

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editorialesque » noemie lenoir for gq spain

shot for the pages of GQ spain, sexy french female model noemi lenoir appears through the lens of sergi pons. shot entirely in black & white, heavy lighting & erotic styling by alberto murta allow the spread to become masked with sensual appeal while paying tribute to the work of helmut newton. i’ve always felt like noemie could have a larger presence in the modeling world, so naturally im glad to see her appear here. the editorial, though provocative is completely beautiful & noemie has an incredible photographic presence. as a lover of black & white photography, the images appear rich & sensual- two elements i look for when selecting editorial content. represented by elite models, noemie has had more noted editorial presence this spring & im hoping that this pattern swells through the season & into the fall to close the year. beautiful images, completely sexy.

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editorialesque » nick rea for numéro homme

through the lens of jean-baptiste mondino, nick rea of new york models appears darkly styled by serge girardi. appearing for the pages of numéro homme, i love that male editorial has the ability to take on greater depths of industrial inspiration & gritty style. whether a tux, denim or rockstar-esque leather jacket, all of the elements that are expected for a new age, menswear editorial are seen here- thoughtfully combined & contrasted. i have a weakness for black & white photography for it’s moody overtones & here the combination of style & photographic technique collide magically. as for nick rea, who plays takes on a stirring role in the editorial, he’s been working the high end editorial circuit since 2009; appearing regularly for l’officiel hommes, GQ style & men’s vogue china. on the advertising circuit, rea has appeared for gucci eyewear & H&M. aesthetically, rea plays into the modern prototype of male models that come equipped thin frames & interesting, rather than commercially or stereotypically beautiful facial features. i see similarities to artistic elements of the rocky horror picture show in this spread.

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