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the fashion report: seventy-eight

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: akris

akris is a label that sits at the forefront of modern fashion for me. hailing from switzerland, the akris brand was founded in 1922 & began manufacturing aprons on a simple sewing machine. now, in the present day, akris has transformed into a living, breathing luxury label after being admitted to the french governments chambre syndicale. this season, presented in paris; akris revealed their FW11 collection based in beautiful browns, stunning yellows, red, neutral & deep nautical navy. as a fitting competitor alongside other high end labels that have presented a similar aesthetic of clean lines & structured style; beautiful color & sleek design is seen. velvet, leather & dope branch print was seen throughout the collection that really showcased an inspiring perception of style. sleek leather was seen, allowing the modern feel of the akris label to be even more pronounced. overall, the collection is one of thoughtful design, chic design & undeniable style. one of my favorites this season in paris.

imagesource | vogue.fr