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fashion on film: the tale of a fairy by karl lagerfeld, part two

fashion on film: the tale of a fairy by karl lagerfeld, part one

the spring chanel campaign by karl lagerfeld


what yo’ name iz? freja beha erichsen, baptiste giabiconi, inès sastre, stella tenant

in this spring campaign preview we see freja beha erichsen of IMG alongside baptiste giabiconi of d’management milan. shot by karl lagerfeld, the two have appeared as regulars in the chanel campaigns for quite a few seasons now & karl makes no attempts to keep his favorites a secret. also seen for the spring campaign are inès sastre of storm models london & model icon, stella tenant. more of the campaign remains to be seen; i figure it’s never too early to spring some chanel on you.

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collection images: chanel, pre-fall

presenting the usual set of chanel design signatures; lagerfeld understands the importance of sequential build up when putting on a runway show. the collection started out with clean design lines; we see gold details & light embellishment. it’s was clear from look one that this collection would draw close attention to details & as the set continued the embellishment flourished. an army of black pieces with gold accents were seen at the opening of the set, while color slowly started to trickled as the show progressed. slices of red, use of suede, headbands & golden tweed were seen as the usual chanel faves, sasha pivovarova, freja beha erichsen & baptiste giabiconi all made runway appearances. there was a slight referencing of royal roman style with more of a raw edge. it was loosely country while still holding enough regality through chanel signatures to sustain as a wholesome collection. a very clear direction & very impressive opposition of what was seen this past spring. chanel is an unstoppable force & it’s driven by karl lagerfeld. im pleased to see a strong effort from chanel in the pre-season.

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georgia may jagger for chanel, resort

represented by TESS models london, georgia may jagger appears for the resort collection campaign for the house of chanel. shot by karl lagerfeld, no chanel campaign in the last two years would be complete without a baptiste giabiconi cameo; hence we see him lurking in the backdrop. reintroducing classic chanel style staples with modern twists.  i feel for the campaign images as i feel for the actual collection; i wanna like it, but expected much more creatively & stylistically. i do applaud the casting of georgia, as she is definitely a hot commodity in fashion at the moment. but i guess i was looking for something that would reach further beyond a white border & a rolls royce with baptiste at the driver seat. i expect that this pre-season of sorts is a much more new concept for fashion houses & their collections, but as much as i respect the creative force of karl lagerfeld, im constantly putting the break in new creative ground into question. here, i feel something better could have been created.   

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editorialesque » chanel iman for elle italia

represented by IMG models, chanel iman is conquering high fashion with a renewed presence since making her agency jump from supreme models. seen through the lens of matt jones, chanel appears as a living prop amidst dancers for the october issue of italian elle. shot on a white studio backdrop, the images take on a wild, fun & care-free feel as chanel smiles & hams it up for the camera. styling for the spread was done by sophia ordero as designs from gareth pugh, blumarine & emilio pucci are seen throughout the editorial. looking forward to seeing what moves chanel will make to dominate in fashion at full force .

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abbey lee, freja + brad kroenig for chanel, fall

karl lagerfeld plays favorites- its no secret. for the fall/winter 2010 chanel womenswear campaign, karl casts abbey lee kershaw & freja beha erichsen with brad kroenig, as he returns after a few seasons of absence to the largerfeld list of faves. shot by lagerfeld himself, the campaign takes on more street edge, as we see images from roof tops & a fire escape in new york city. im pleased to see brad in the images & was expected to see baptiste giabiconi again. the campaign is a bit underwhelming, but much of what chanel is doing seems to be losing steam for me. lagerfeld’s preferred methods of photography, model casting & design have become, in many ways, predictable. karl is very vocal about his love for change, heres hoping.

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