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PARIS – chloé has been one interesting label for me to watch. as the label that provided both stella mccartney & phoebe philo a platform for design together, the same aesthetic the two have applied to the label is still heavily intertwined into their collections. fresh off my review of celiné’s pre-fall collection, i thought it necessary to follow-up with chloé, considering that clare waight keller is now in place as the label’s creative director. previously of pringle of scotland, clare waight keller is one designer that has caught my eye. through her work with the british based, scottish established, pringle of scotland; i became much more familiar with her design eye & attention to clean lines. with a design resume that includes work for some of the finest names in the business, keller’s killer skills have been shaped & accentuated by her past work with american empire lines calvin klein & ralph lauren, in addition to her work with tom ford in 2000. this lead clare to her stint at pringle in 2005, which resulted in award-winning work, which earned her the scottish cashmere designer of the year award.

now in her new post at chloé, i was surprised & excited to see that hannah macgibbon was no longer in place & clare would be her replacement. familiar with clare’s refined taste & knowing the modernized reputation of designers who’ve worked at chloé, my eyes shift toward the french based womenswear to see how clare would kill her latest opportunity. having gotten press for being open about looking to blogs & understanding the value of her new post at chloé, i’ve come to admire clare as a designer who has her ear to the street- which i respect on a whole other level. it’s important, as it is with any artist, to allow your interests & inspirations to remain fresh, you have to keep things young & new- especially as a fashion designer. credited for completely reinventing the pringle of scotland label during her six year tenure, i feel like clare is the perfect fit for chloé. debuting her first collection, for the summer/spring 2012 season; this season, keller demonstrates her ability to create & direct with a fresh aesthetic & an eternally chic sense of palette.

this sesaon, with this collection, clare allows silhouettes played a large role. in the pre-season, im always looking to see what was used from the previous collection & what was introduced as a new concept. i like the idea of a pre-season set, always looking for ways design talents have used the opportunity to segue or quickly pacify collections. the approach of each designer shows their committment to good design & value of clientele. clare’s approach to the pre-season is one of the more developed of the pre-fall & i’ve only dedicated time to labels who’ve, in some way, expressed this dedication through what i measure as good quality. i loved the collections use of color, the milky tones were both feminine while still being sophisticated. beautiful use of twill, classic use of plaid & cutesy use of powedered tones were all seen in the collection. being drawn to aspects of design that are simplified & modern, this collection is one of my favorites of the pre-season. cannot wait to see what clare & chloé will unveil for the FW13 show season in paris, this month. clare appears to be the perfect fit for the french label. now let’s see that SS12 campaign. [source]

the fashion report: seventy-seven

fall collections, london: pringle of scotland

clare waight keller, creative director of pringle of scotland, presented a beautiful fall collection that capitalized on structured style & quintessential glamour pieces of the season. a cool set of greys was seen at the entrance of the set, accents of blue made slight cameos throughout. as the collection progressed, patterns shifted their way through the set as use of fur began to take center stage. rich caramel toned coats added clean & classic appeal, resulting in a perfect balance given the collections hard pressed use of prints. the caramel tones transformed into a set of chocolate twill tones as butterscotch colored  fur was seen alongside a mixed fur piece of black & grey fur, eventually leading to the final tone of the collection palette, red. i loved the color story & the thoughtful elements that allowed each look to be seen singularly while still fitting cohesively. strong direction.

imagesource | vogue.uk

collections images: pringle of scotland, pre-fall

with the rise of demand for fashion at a faster pace, designers are in full swing concerning pre-fall collections. much like resort or cruise collections, the pre-season sets are intended to quench the thirst of fashion consumers between show seasons. an arsenal oatmeal toned designs was presented for the pringle of scotland pre-fall set & i was pleased all in all. classic lines, crisp tailoring & a liking for texture was seen in the collection with an attention to color as a feeling. the beige tones & mellow browns were soothing, while contrasts of cranberry & shots of aqua provided the perfect amount of variation. accessories were also presented as the collection hosts a number of suede footwear in the form of caramel kitten heels & suede knee high boots. the use of fur & elongated design lines were seen in the set as well, proving that creative director, clare waight keller is on point, even during the off season. classic concepts with a touch of new age minimalism.

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spring collections: pringle of scotland, london

applying minimal design with elevated quality in cut, the pringle of scotland presented a few questionable style elements in their spring collection. while i love the more structured looks; the usage of what looked like something from a tiki gift shop was odd & out of place. that said, the collection produced more greatness than questions. the use of blue in this collection seemed a bit forced as oppose to directly associating with the collections direction. i would have liked the collection to stay simple & structure without the tiki design elements & cheap looking baby toned blue. however, i do respect the hustle of the pringle label in hopes to conquer luxury apparel. clare waight keller is the labels current creative director.

imagesource | vogue.it