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fall menswear collection, new york: tommy hilfiger

classical style in sophisticated tones were seen from the FW11 tommy hilfiger collection in new york this fall. turtle necks, which are definitely a trend for the coming FW11/12 season were a high light of the hilfiger collection this season, along with elements of classic american tailoring. since being purchased by van heusen last year, i wasnt sure what to expect this season from this label. but to my surprise, undisturbed, the concepts reflect the signature style that tommy himself has made notable through campaigns & collections of the past. while i generally like the collection, i feel that little to nothing about what is show is really that outstanding or even exciting. i do commend the consistency in vision, through design & think many consumers will be pleased with this collection, once it hits retail. i expect a model packed campaign that plays on a bit of athleticism & handsome style- elements which have been created from the label in the past. maroon, grey, navy, camel toned coats & knitwear are all seen with the solid collection. great direction, great follow up from last season & all looks are appropriate for the fall.

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editorialesque » gaalen, goodwins + mascarini for italian gq style

through the lens of giampaolo sgura, bastiaan van gaalen of DNA models appears alongside harry goodwins of models 1 & lucas mascarini of new york models for the FW10 issue of GQ style italy. presenting masculine sophistication, the spread spotlights slick tailoring, clean design lines & hard hitting style which provides greater refinement in the form of grooming, which was expertly done by gabriele trezzi & laura stucchi. fashion editing for the spread was done by andrea tenerani & vilnius, who did a perfect job at allowing classic menswear pieces to shine vividly. when it’s not neo-punk edge or experimental chic, menswear often goes for the faultless classics- which are done excellently here.

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editorialesque » fall fashion by emilio tin for italian gq

arthur daniyarov, sven guhle & theo hall appear through the lens of emilio tini for the fall issue of italian GQ. photographically you might recognize tini’s visual signature as he has worked extensively with italian based luxury label, gianfranco ferrè. in the same way we can appreciate style & refined menswear seen for the ferrè label, we see a similar style aesthetic channeled here. in the form of blazers, khakis, trench coats & damier graphite briefcases (there are more colors at briefcasebash.com); i love the sleek style shown through this spread. a wonderful cast of male models; combined with dope styling & unending forms of classic formal wear for any & every young profesional, that is fashionably mindful. arthur is represented by DNA models, while sven is represented by 40 graus models brazil & theo of i model management. timeless in many ways, a sharp set of images for the fall.
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the tom ford spring lookbook

tom ford presents a faultlessly stylish collection for the spring season, with the presented lookbook images. starring the face of tom ford, jon kortarjarena rocks everything from three piece suits to swimwear. represented by wilhelmina models, jon has had a powerful impact in the modeling world & his loyal involvement with the tom ford menswear label have only helped to contribute to his success in the field. representing the brand chic as ever, jon showcases the collection lookbook well. i love the use of prints & have the utmost respect for the design genius that is tom ford. a solid collection & continued path to greatness.

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fall menswear, runway: z by zenga

classic menswear with clean lines is the creative direction of the z by zenga label, consistently, each season. seen predominantly in black & grey, the collection produces faultless fashion free from any form of outter realm experimentation. fashion forward elements were intertwined with the use of satin & quilted patterns. i love the sleek textiles of the collection & was very impressed with the model casting. a dope menswear collection for a stylish male looking to inject small doses of futurism in his wardrobe.

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the tom ford fall/winter lookbook

jon kortarjarena is represented by wilhelmina model management.
he is the face of tom ford menswear & is seen above, for the FW09 lookbook.
setting an example for what menswear is & should be, classically, tom ford is that dude.
i love the diamond quilted leather coat.

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