fall prêt-à-porter, paris: viktor + rolf

presenting complete innovation, one step ahead with construction, the viktor & rolf FW10 collection was nothing short of amazing. concepts were reinvented with intriguing textile selections & new fashion silouettes were seen. i am continually impressed with viktor & rolf’s ability to transcend what has already been seen in fashion. they consistently border & blur the lines between couture, avant-garde design & ready-to-wear commercial acceptance. a completely astounding showing this season; i could sit here & discuss the amazement of the garment construction but that would only take too much time away from you, & that time should be spent looking at the clothes. you cannot look at this collection & tell me that you are not impressed by the powers of the human imagination. this collection is proof that fashion is a valued art form. jaw dropping innovation & devastating dopeness; this is such a vital source of inspiration for me. black & white, chic as fuck, imagination intertwined with the impossible. this collection takes me to another place. im stunned in amazement; this is what high end runway presentation is all about.

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