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the fashion report: sixty-seven

fall couture collections: valentino

breaking creatively from the modern valentino era that they’ve been projecting in fashion for their ready-to-wear collections, the house of valentino presents a collection that represents the essence of what allowed the valentino name to become what it is, legendary in fashion. the collection pieces exemplified simplicity & sharp details were carved in each look as a completely stunning set was shown. the collection concepts really reminded me of old school valentino & particularly so with valentino’s white collection from 1968. while the designs almost contain a retrospective feel, i find that the collection is almost a tribute to the house of valentino & i am in complete awe of each look. as seen in the high quality images- each look displays an elevated level of craftsmanship & sleek construction- i am astounded by the level of pure glamour that was seen this season from the house of valentino. i cannot gush enough, i am in complete awe by this set; astoundingly inspirational.

imagesource | style.it

fall couture collections: christian dior

much like an exotic garden in full bloom; the FW10 haute couture collection presented by the house of christian dior provided explosive color & mind-bending beauty. models walked the runway as living floral gardens & drew further comparisons to flower arrangements with the addition of multicolored cellophane up-dos. the make-up artistry done by pat mcgrath drew in to the current branded beauty image adopted by john galliano as creative director of the label. an extravaganza of imagination & feminine design elements was seen from start to finish. unlike the last two seasons of dior couture, galliano opted for something much more theatrical than classical this season. the void felt in the absence of larcroix during couture collections is somewhat easier to bare with a visionary like galliano still designing his ass off. dior sits atop the fashion food chain as legend- thus confirmed.

imagesource | vogue.it

fall couture collections: maison martin margiela

taking a darker perception & more raw design elements for fall couture, the maison martin margiela design team presented an interesting collection for the current couture season. mass amounts of leather were used as we see different colored leathers being braided & cascading on each of the models shown. the margiela team always raises the bar on creativity & goes to bend & challenge our perception & what we define as beautiful in design. its almost as if the clothing is a representation of nature, the use of leather & incredible feel of texture are all done very raw. overall, i would’ve like to see a much more extensive collection; but, as expected the collection delivers a completely unexpected set & aesthetic- further creating their own lane in fashion.

imagesource | vogue.it

couture collections: valentino

completely reinventing the style signature of the valentino brand, the haute couture collection presented for the SS10 has now completely resurfaced my doubts of the new design leads. i loved the colors & the few shots of  ‘valentino red’ within the collection. the props worn by the models & the spring palette were very inspiring. im very happy with this collection & the designs that were presented. i’ve said it once last january, this is a new era in valentino design. i see the collections artistic elements & greatly anticipate the brands fall collection.

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couture collections: maison martin margiela

presenting by appointment only, the maison martin margiela team has pieced together a smaller scale show for SS10 couture season. spotlighting the clothes & not the models, the collection showcased a variety of couture looks with understandable references to known margiela design concepts. the collection doesnt speak, ‘couture’ to me in that sense though- the collection seems like some of what the label had produced for past ready-to-wear collections. that said, i know there is a community of margiela heads that lives & dies for these collections.

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couture collections: chanel

the chanel haute couture collection for the spring of 2010 hosts pastels & shockingly vibrant silver. the models walked the runways iced with crystals & looking chic as ever with over the top heart shaped up-dos. the collection, though simple, is true to the house of chanel signature, lagerfeld is a living legend & the collection seen above is evidence of that. walking the runway was baptiste giabiconi in a full silver suit.

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