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gisele bündchen for british vogue

through the lens of mario testino, gisele appears boldly in metallic for the cover of british vogue’s december issue. represented by IMG models, gisele has often been referred to as the last supermodel. what is so interesting to me is the term, ‘supermodel’. im not interested in it’s meaning because to me it’s simple- complete, total & unavoidable domination. that’s what a true supermodel is & she embodies that. while there are a number of female models, in my opinion, who fit the bill of super whether concerning bookings, runway presence or vitality through consistent performance, gisele exceeds all of that in our modern industry. gisele has single handedly refocused model presence in brazil & continues to dominate above & beyond the realm of fashion as a true celebrity. much like cindy crawford, naomi campbell or linda evangelista- gisele’s star power in fashion glaringly appears in the new stands & shines in the face of individuals who don’t know fashion in any capacity. the fact that her beauty, presence & image have burned through the confines of fashion is what makes her a superstar & for that, this cover is deserved. those legs, that body, those muthafuckn cheek bones & let’s not discuss her walk.

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rihanna for british vogue, november

through the lens of alasdair mclellan, rihanna blazes the cover of vogue uk for the month of november. from kanye debuting on the runways of paris with his collection to this, there is a greater power that is pulling me closer to fashion during what has seemed to be a lull in my own personal interest. beautifully blonde & in armani privé on the cover- rihanna continues to dominate while on tour, internationally & currently recording the follow-up to her “loud” album. shortly after the release of her “we found love” single, this cover appears & im sure that rihanna’s fan base is ready to attack. my jaw literally dropped after seeing this cover & im exceptionally impressed with the cover shot, the styling, the choice to shoot her blonde- all creative elements work perfectly. im completely blown away by how beautiful this came out. ladies & gentlemen, this is a cover.

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kate moss for british vogue

as i search for ways to represent this new form of content on the site, i realize that some aspects cannot be presented in a better format than already presented. that aspect of course is fashion publication & editorial analysis- the size of the images & the context in which i discuss these aspects of high end fashion will remain unchanged in this new phase of reconstruction. shot for the august cover of british vogue, the ultimate british supermodel, kate moss graces the publications cover. one thing that should be clearly understood is the method in which models are selected for covers. while american publications select actresses when they have corresponding film projects, it’s always interesting to see how models are selected for international publications. kate moss, who recently wed, made headlines for wearing a john galliano gown on her wedding day. kate is no new favorite of british vogue & has graced the cover, probably more times than any model in the industry. shot by mario testino, with styling by lucinda chambers, kate appears a bit off in my opinion. while better covers have been seen before, im not sure if it’s a combination of the retouch, the make-up or the way kate was photographed but i definitely expected more. overall, kate is an expected choice for the british mag & im hoping that other british females will land solo covers soon. if i may suggest, i would love to see a solo jourdan dunn cover in the very near future. perhaps for september.

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daphne groeneveld for numéro

represented by supreme models, daphne groeneveld lands her third cover, this time for numéro. shot for the publication’s june issue, groeneveld is a representation of the fashion industries obsession with youth. at the age of 16, daphne has appeared for campaigns with givenchy & miu miu, blazed the runway in new york, london, paris & milan while nabbing covers for vogue paris & i-D in the process. cast for the upcoming FW12 louis vuitton campaign, there seem to be no planned stops for netherlands native, as show season rapidly approaches with each passing month. shot in black & white, daphne appears beautifully with racoon eyes as the spring trend of white is seen clearly represented. daphne is a model to know.

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isabeli fontana for vogue paris

through the commerciallly pure styling vision of emmanuelle alt, editor in chief of french vogue, isabeli fontana appears for the publication’s june cover. shot by mert + marcus, bronzed skin & vivid color take the stage as isabeli appears stunning looking something like linda evangelista. while the cover shot & editorial feature have been compared to photographic work by steven meisel, i love & can clearly distinguish which work is under the direction of alt. in the fashion publication game, the editors, especially the editors in chief, have this unbreakable reign once put into position & french vogue has an incredibly interesting timeline as of late concerning this heirarchy. emmanuelle alt, once the fashion editor at french vogue, you may remember as taking her place as chief february of this year. after replacing the void left from carine roitfeld, roitfeld herself has addressed the issue & revealed some interesting rumors in a recent interview had with the financial times. roitfeld broke new ground as the head of french vogue, allowing transgendered models the platform for fashion fame & used excessive nudity in tandem with jaw dropping, high-end glamour. for this roitfeld says that xavier romatet, heavy-hitting president of condé nast france, “didn’t like” her use of experimentation at the magazine. granted roitfeld has moved on, announcing projects with barney’s new york, what i respect about roitfeld is her approach to fashion as art. throughout the interview, roitfeld had discussed everything from her ex-friend editor in chief to mcqueen to galliano- the one thing that seemed to be a recurring theme was the concept of ‘artistry’. this approach resonates greatly with me & mirrors my own approach & for that i will always respect carine roitfeld. granted, my respect for roitfeld doesn’t effect the love i have for the commercial polish alt has broughten to the table- it’s just a different vision. noticeably, the re-introduction of french vogue has been seen under the direction of alt & through beautiful execution, this cover demonstrates that with fervor. all in all, the cover is stunning & with time things change. from french seduction to commercialized beauty at the end of the day the fashion industry has been built to sell fantasies of beauty; products both alt & roitfeld have sold incredibly well. i can easily separate the vision of both & for that, im inspired.

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abbey lee kershaw for vogue japan

represented by next models ny, abbey lee kershaw graces the july cover of vogue japan outfitted in dior. with heavy shadow & blonde locks, im on the fence about this cover; granted i’ve seen abbey kill it more beautifully than seen. with covers, i tend to lean towards more polish & it seems as though a combination of attempted edge & sophistication have failed to translate. with abbey’s blonde hair against the yellow, her blonde seems bland & the eyes over powering. granted that spring has been a major moment for yellow, concerning trend, the cover definitely grabs your attention. is it the best cover abbey has in her portfolio? not quite. but we’ll have to wait & see what else is in store inside; considering how incredible abbey’s numero cover was & how dissapointing the feature spread turned out to be, there really is no telling. im hoping that this issue isn’t as much of a false advertisment as naomi’s vogue japan cover for june, which resulted in no feature editorial. disrespectful.

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erin wasson for vogue españa

shot by alexi lubomirski, styled by belén antolín, erin wasson appears beautifully for the june cover of vogue españa. within the issue, wasson is seen starring alongside andres velencoso sgura for her sixteen page spread which also contains a nude shot. thoughtfully exotic, wasson looks flawless & the covers creative elements provide the perfect contrast for that españa feel. represented by IMG, wasson is a standout on the model scene for her personal style; occasional gigs as designer & even stylist have added to wasson’s appeal all while she continues to book covers, campaigns & editorial features. born in the U.S.A., you might also recognize erin as one of three contracted faces for maybelline cosmetics.

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