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magazine antidote: the shoe issue

fashion publications have done just about every trick in the book to boost sales & to re-attract attention on a global scale. the concept of the cover series is not an uncommon one & magazine antidote comes back with their issue two with five times the vitality as their debut issue along with five female models who are sitting on top of fashion as well. namely the shoe issue, constance jablonski is seen in dior ankle boots, anne vyalistsina is seen in boots by giuseppe, sigrid agren appears in yves saint lauren’t chain detailed ankle boot, magdalena frackowiak is seen in knee-high gucci’s while ashley smith is seen in vuitton boots with hanne gaby odiele rocks louboutins while on crutches. with editing by EIC, yann weber, the covers set the perfect tone for the issue, which focuses on footwear through the lens of giampaolo sgura. as seen on each cover, each respective girl also stars in her own feature editorial as the issue reveals a versatile grouping of thoughtful & well executed spreads. i always love a good cover series & this cast of female models is undeniably great. kept clean against a white backdrop, well placed emphasis allows you to focus on the shoes. strong covers & solid cast.

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memoirs of a gaga: the v magazine cover series

through the lens of inez + vinoodh, lady gaga appears for the highly anticipated asian issue of V magazine. a total of four covers will be released & each cover sees gaga, styled by nicola formichetti, outfitted in mugler. known for her over the top approach to style, gaga has changed our peception of musical artistry & challenged our views of beauty while creating a clearer path of relativity between both music & fashion. while i love the covers & admire the styling direction taken- i don’t quite understand how lady gaga fits into the definition of “asian” for the asian issue of V magazine. granted the explosive presence of asian models in fashion this year; wouldn’t it have been more suitable for them to devote an all-asian model cast for the cover series? with models liu wen, shu pei, tao okamoto & fei fei sun slaying the high fashion scene, an asian female model cover series would’ve been more than possible. granted the popularity of gaga, im leaning more towards the fact that she can sell a cover faster, to the masses, than a couple of chicks us fashion kids are screaming for every month in the glossies. with contents that focus on asian models on the inside, beyond gaga, there is much more of this issue that is far more interesting & historical. a year in the making, this is not an issue you want to miss. purchase the hard-bound collectors edition here.

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the spring i-d cover series

what yo’ name iz? amber valetta, stella tennant, kristen mcmenamy,
daphne groenveld, behati prinsloo, patrick o’donnell

as a explosion of a cover series, a couple covers a day have been circulating the fashion blogosphere this past week. shot for i-D’s latest cover series, three icons & three new faces hit the newstands through the lens of craig mcdean, paolo roversi, josh olins, daniel jackson, matt jones, alasdair mclellan the cover series exudes this feel of 90’s to me. it could be the use of color, the simplified styling or even the icons who were cast. i like that while other publications have taken it up a notch, i-D has opted to scale things back. while i usually prefer greater bouts of glamour, i appreciate the opposition this go ’round. the relaxed feel of spring is mirrored beautifully on the casual aspects seen from each cover.

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hercules celebrates five year anniversary

what yo’ name iz? andres velencoso-sgura, emilio flores, diego fragoso,
travis cannata & parker gregory

in one of the best male model cover series’ in fashion publication, hercules magazine flexes their casting muscle in celebrating their 5th year anniversary with some new & veteran male faces. seen bordered in radiant red, each image is different & stunning all the same- shot by paola kudacki & mariano vivanco, hercules is one of my favorite male style publications. im definitely looking forward to taking an in-depth look at this issue, as im expecting some major celebratory work.

imagesource | tfs

daisuke ueda for vogue hommes japan

represented by new york models, japanese male model daisuke ueda appears on three cover shot for vogue hommes japan for the publications 6th issue. shot by steven klein, the japanese men’s style publication ventures into a realm of editorial concepts unseen from any other men’s publications in fashion. as the driving force of creativity, nicola formichetti is the brainchild behind vogue hommes japan & i expect that his work with mugler will trickle into the glossed pages this time around as well. as we’ve seen with formichetti’s styling work with gaga, nicola never hestitates to cross borders that separate different projects. while cover two is shared with seijo imazaki, we see masked models who have been identified as david chiang, jae yoo, mateus lages & cameron zuniga. im very excited for the issue & applaud the ethnic representation of asian models in fashion; this further shatters the barrier for represented ethnicities & here it is creatively done. to me japan & style are intricately intertwined, representing clean & fluid lines with effortless beauty & simplified allure. very excited for this issue, im sure this one won’t dissapoint. to aide japanese tsunami relief, you can do so here.   

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devon aoki for russh

shot by will davidson, devon aoki appears on one of five covers released by russh magazine. shot in black & white, devon is one of five females to land a cover released for the month of october. another fashion veteran, you may recognize devon from her film work, particularly her role in the fast & the furious & she was once the muse of karl lagerfeld at the house of chanel. represented by one model management, devon has been modeling since the age of 14. i’ve always loved her features.

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gisele bündchen for love

perhaps the last new breed of supermodel entitys to touch the face of this earth; gisele lands the september cover of love magazine. while alessandra ambrosio, lauren hutton & rosie huntington-whiteley have all landed covers; whenever gisele appears, suddenly you dont care as much for who else is involved. represented by IMG models, gisele has done just about everything that any iconic female can do in fashion & throughout any hollywood lifestyle; including landing a 25 million dollar contract with victoria’s secret & marrying an NFL star. ranking as the industries no. 1 female model icon, gisele also holds on to her brazilian bombshell title being hailed as the highest earning female model in the world. shot by mert + marcus, a cover series of this magnitude wouldn’t be complete without a gisele cameo. brazilian, bronzed & beautiful- nothing tops bündchen.

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