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editorialesque » david agbodji for seventh man

appearing for the pages of 7th man, david agbodji continues to build a larger presence as a photographer while simultaneously representing the model facet of his rapidly evolving career. with fashion editing by julia ragolia, the spread seen here is joint photographed by david agbodji & monica r. as some of springs greatest graphic pieces are presented. represented by request models, david currently ranks as the no. 7 male model within the top 50 of fashion. contracted advertising spots for express & calvin klein have allowed david to remain visible in fashion while catalog gigs & editorial bookings also enforce his presence. the oceanic backdrop serves as the perfect balance for the spreads styling.

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editorialesque » paolo roldan for the block

through the lens of david agbodji, paolo roldan of boss models appears for canadian publication, the block. shot for the pages of the publications fall/winter issue, styling for the spread was done by james worthington demolet. raw edge & analyzed angles of style are seen through the work of agbodji, whom you know as one of fashion’s biggest male models of the current time. as a greatly developed photographer, im happy to see more of his work being published in fashion mags & am eagerly anticipating the relaunch of his photography site, heart of bull studio. while the images seen here showcase roldan as gritty & ruggedly masculine, this is but a mere glimpse into the artistic capabilities of agbodji. im telling you now, don’t just track him on your model radar, set him on you creative clock. it’s only a matter of time, david agbodji is that dude- don’t sleep.

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the rise of the male supermodel

throughout much of my life, my world has revolved around publication. when i was younger, my little brother & little sister were asking for candy bars at the register while at the grocery store & i was asking my mom to buy me vogue. my love for female models came first- as fashion is & always will be dominated by women. throughout the 90’s supermodels dominated the world & as a move of opposition; the fashion industry started to seek something different. in opposition, kate moss was discovered. of course, after some time kate herself transformed from heroine chic poster child to full blown supermodel & even walked this past week for louis vuitton alongside fellow runway legend, naomi campbell. throughout the 2000’s celebrity covers took center stage & ultimately gave way to the demise of the supermodel, allowing a-list actresses to fill their spot, unstoppably, with the approval of publication heavyweights like anna wintour. while american publications have led this movement for many years now, it seems as though a shift is on the rise. other european & international publications still opt for the classic cover formula of a female models, while mixing in a bit of celebrity cameos every once & a great while. while 2009 brought a resurgence of supermodels back into the limelight; we, as the public, are still starving for our next great supermodel icon. with the rise of models like coco rocha, daria werbowy, lara stone & joan smalls- things seem to be looking up for us fashion kids hoping to see joan on the cover of vogue as oppose to angelina jolie. while female domination continues to lock the game down entirely, an interesting rise has also begun to happen within male modeling. as kate moss ushered in a new era of waif models, both male & female, this standard has now been shattered. lara stone, fashion’s top model in the game, has single handedly changed the women’s sector of modeling with her curves & cleavage; making goals of agencies & bookers different than in the 80’s & 90’s- boobs are back. for male models, classic masculine & herb ritts-esque builds are returning to the forefront & details magazine makes an interesting cover model choice to represent this shift. shot by carter smith, noah mills of wilhelmina teams with arthur kulkov of request models & sean o’pry of VNY, for what proves to be a landmark move for a commercial publication like details. with styling by mel ottenberg & casting by edward kim, i hope to see a forming pattern for these types of casts. you’ve seen noah mills in sex & the city 2, as a love interest of samantha jones & he is also a favored male of dolce & gabbana. sean o’pry was discovered by nolé marin on myspace & received the golden key for kennesaw, georgia after being recognized for his work with brands like zara, saks, calvin klein, uniqlo, DKNY & the gap. as for arthur kulkov, he ranks as the no. 19 highest earning male in fashion, having landed campaigns for banana republic, espirit, j.crew as well as dolce & gabbana. of the three seen here, only a portion of talent is represented & many more classically handsome male models have also helped revitalize this resurgence of masculinity. male models david gandy, chad white, rob evans, jon kortajarena & david agbodji continue to further allow the world of male modeling to transform & morph into a realm of greater possibilities. these dudes got next.

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fall menswear collection, new york: calvin klein

with a palette entrance that reminded me of the richard chai collection, with dull undertones the calvin klein FW11 menswear collection took an unexpectedly bold turn as the set progressed. combined with more stone faced color choices bold use of red & blue were seen this season for the american based label, allowing further clarification to be made as to which colors will trend this coming fall. in cast, river viiperi, calvin klein favorites david agbodji & AJ abularub were seen alongside sacha m’baye on the runway this season, allowing masculinity to take center stage. i love the play on athelticism that is showcased, in design, for the calvin klein collections every season. though sports influenced, the atheletic elements that are seen in the collection are no less sophisticated than the collections formal suits. a dramatic signature of hardcore minimalism is expected from the house of calvin klein & it’s done expertly well, with slight creative variation each season. i love that the calvin klein collections really have allowed a new era in american design to be ushered in. an incredibly ill style direction was seen this season, as padded crew neck sweaters are a trend among a few of the menswear design collections for FW11. an impressive interpretation of progressive masculinity displayed for the fall season. one of my favorite labels of the americas.     

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fall menswear collection, new york: tommy hilfiger

classical style in sophisticated tones were seen from the FW11 tommy hilfiger collection in new york this fall. turtle necks, which are definitely a trend for the coming FW11/12 season were a high light of the hilfiger collection this season, along with elements of classic american tailoring. since being purchased by van heusen last year, i wasnt sure what to expect this season from this label. but to my surprise, undisturbed, the concepts reflect the signature style that tommy himself has made notable through campaigns & collections of the past. while i generally like the collection, i feel that little to nothing about what is show is really that outstanding or even exciting. i do commend the consistency in vision, through design & think many consumers will be pleased with this collection, once it hits retail. i expect a model packed campaign that plays on a bit of athleticism & handsome style- elements which have been created from the label in the past. maroon, grey, navy, camel toned coats & knitwear are all seen with the solid collection. great direction, great follow up from last season & all looks are appropriate for the fall.

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fall shwpckg: request model men, new york

request models has stood apart as a leader in the world of fashion for their diverse board of men & women, allowing the fashion industry to take on a greater role of representing beauty in technicolor. industry standouts from the request men’s board include arthur kulkov, david agbodji, cole mohr, my personal favorite keith hernandez & yuri pleskun. a few others to keep an eye on are pablo contreras, new face robert johnson & david vega. overall, the men of request have developed portfolios that have been seen everywhere from commercial bookings with calvin klein to edgy editorial spreads with international style publications. photos for the package were shot by stefani pappas, styled by katharine erwin & graphically designed by yelena perlin.

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editorialesque » david agbodji for wad

fashion is one of the most multi-dimensional industries for multi-talented individuals who are looking to represent the art of aesthetic. request model, david agbodji is one of the many fashion characters who represents multi-dimensional creativity on a number of levels. as one of fashion’s most popular male models, you might recognize his extensive campaign work with the house of calvin klein or remember him as the male model who opened the FW11 show for D&G collection just this past week in milan. here, agbodji flexes his photographic muscles a little more allowing self shot images to be published. modeling in the photos & shooting them is one thing, but david also adds stylist to his credit for the editorial, which showcases an almost rugged edge to classic americana. strategic contrasts of red are seen in the spread as david & his tri-pod are featured.

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