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editorialesque » easy elegance by details

what yo’ name iz? danny schwarz, garrett neff, tyler riggs, vincent lacrocq, vladimir ivanov

throughout my much of my high school life, i was heavily into the styling of details magazine; in an effort to discover more of my true self & in turn, my true style. i’ve always had a preference for personal appearance & really view personal style as a form of art unto itself. accepting a distinction of what i had liked & prefered versus what the other kids were wearing was a process of growth & timeless inspiration. when looking at this editorial, i feel like im back in those days. at that time, i was deciding what i liked & began to really discover my own path of individuality looking for ways to inject my own style into everything i was doing, from the way i spoke, who i was around- even down to my penmanship, my greater goal in life has always been to represent myself as accurately as possible. over time that accuracy & intellectual process has become more natural & more like a second nature to me- it’s now a process that people around me understand & beyond that they respect. this editorial is a clean cut homage to the style direction that i’ve become familiarized with most. clean style, sharp grooming & timeless pieces that stand alone from season to season while not opposing but not bowing to the unforgiving ways of the seasonal trend. through the lens of robbie fimano, the impeccable styling of benjamin sturgill is translated through clean style, smart tailoring & modernized classics in the form of blazers, denim & dress shoes. though simple, i feel that a tremendous amount of style is both seen & felt in this spread. im intensely inspired & understand that there is great value in the details. whether the cut of the jean, the length of danny’s hair, the relaxed fit of the a denim jacket or the jawline on neff- style is everywhere.

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editorialesque » garrett neff for details

garrett neff is represented by click model management; he appeared editorially for the february issue of details magazine. garrett is shot as a ‘man about town’, illustrating what it looks like going from sporty, to casual to formal. shot by john balsom.

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death of the male style publication

GQmillions of consumers purchase magazines on newstands & through subscriptions every single month. whether sports or entertainment relies on the consumer. fashion is a billion dollar industry & i would like to think that major numbers of publication sales have something to do with fashion mags. in economic times like these, magazine sales are down- its no secret. from consumers to big business the deficit is felt & greatly, by all, far & wide. i find that there is a greater form of beauty found in the struggle though; you see greater forms of creativity being shown. fighters & hustlers come to the forefront giving their best to produce, just that, the best. this is no difference from consumers to big businesses. consumers only seek the best & big businesses try & produce that..for the most part. for me, as a consumer- i look to be inspired. as seen in the content posted here, i adore fashion publications. among the number of scans & digital images, nothing tops seeing & holding glossed pages with my bare hands. the issue with publications today is not only their sales numbers but what each magazine produces. i find myself inspired by women’s fashion magazine & am often times annoyed that i have no go to periodical for mens style. the mens style publications that exist in todays market aren’t enough. what those magazines lack are the reason for this post.

two definitive mens style publications, in my opinion, are GQ & details. GQ has an elevated reputation on details as they have a rich history being created in 1931 & sparking the creation of esquire & yes, details. GQ, gentlemens quarterly, has some style notes & a few filler editorials but is not exactly my go-to source on mens fashion. if anything, its more of a ‘business man trying to be cool & hip’ type of read, which is definitely not my thing. i feel like there is such a tug & pull in the male fashion publication market. magazines that are distinctly masculine, thinking along the lines of FHM & maxim, seem to objectify women more than they would ever focus on fashion or anything else for that matter. take for example, the latest issue of GQ featuring january jones, as seen above. notice how her neckline plunges like the magazines sales numbers. how necessary is that style decision? maybe its the fact that terry richardson was called in to inject some sex into the mag for a ‘desperate times call for desperate measures & sex sells’ move. while magazines like GQ & details give little to no fashion inspiration to men, i find that the female editorials which showcase masculine looks are waaay more inspiring & hold more depth, not to mention the tailoring is beyond better. now think in terms of cultural hierarchy, gay men are considered to be the caliber of style & even define beauty for a large mass of the existing fashion industry- even gay publications cant serve dope editorials.  there is no mens style publication on the market that caters to a high end luxury menswear market & serves its purpose from all bases. there is no equivalent of style & fashion dominance for the male set like there is for women, in publications like vogue. fashion publications for men have to include aspects of sports & politics or some form or female objectification. i can tell you right now, i dont give two shits about the articles in GQ, details, FHM or maxim- on the real, i barely lend enough energy to caring about those publications as a whole. why? because they fail to deliver their proposed product- fashion.

its so underwhelming to see that things like politics or sports can have such a drastic effect on style & fashion in a publication. are you less of a man for showing no concern for politics, less of a man for showing no care for sports? no. so why is the market for men & style so conflicted? why are so many male individuals left thirsty from having little to no fashion representation in a US market? with the sudden rise in menswear, i would think that patterns of such behavior would shift. but still, the only dope magazines that showcase mens style, correctly, are publications printed outside of the US. & even then, publications like vogue hommes japan spawn editorials that are more experimental & edgy than they are style & fashion focused. truth be told; you could never walk into an office without violating a dress code wearing half of what travis hanson was wardrobed in for the latest vogue hommes japan issue. GQ china released their first publication which gave short lived editorials, but still- both referenced publications are overseas. added the fact, not all newstands carry vogue hommes japan or GQ china. some newstands in areas of the united states dont even carry VMAN. now VMAN, a stand out in the male fashion market, is still not published monthly. i sit waiting with anticipation just to get a glance of a cover or a digital preview only to find that some stores ‘no longer carry that title’, when in fact- it just isn’t printed on a regular basis, as women’s fashion magazines are.

whether gay or straight, men are men but they arent all careless or unconcerned with fashion. the blog game is littered with sneaker culture & custom fitted caps, just the same there are male fashion blogs- just not that many. makes you wonder for a second, until you actually take a look to see at how the concerns of the fashionably conscious male are catered to. in which case, they are not. so how long will we fashion crazed males have to wait until our interests are addressed at the level to which women’s are? will i be able to gush about a pair of shoes the way i die for those heel-less nina ricci’s? will i be able to see something devastatingly dope like alexander mcqueen’s SS10 runway show from a male fashion standpoint? until that day comes, male style publications are dead. someone schedule a resurrection!

editorialesque » clement chabernaud gets detailed

providing an image for my love affair with the minimalist look.
clement is represented by wilhelmina model management.
images shot by kacper kasprzyk for details.

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