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digital identity: jarrod pierce

jarrod is among the list of new representation for red model management. with his outstanding physique & structured build, his facial features are near symmetry. im excited to see how his model talents are groomed at red & will post more of his work as it is received. the images seen here were shot by fabien montique. he displays a lingering photographic presence, im waiting to see how it develops further.

imagesource | redmodels

digital identity: nelson nieves

nelson nieves has appeared here for readers a few times before. shot by dave fothergill & represented by red model management, nelson appears in nothing by his 2(x)ist underswear in this latest set of test shoot images. since my discovery of nelson, i’ve loved his look & more ethnic appeal in the fashion market. i always feel like tattoos add too large an element of individuality. it really affects the models level of versatility. the job of a model is to conform & act as a vehicle for a vision & idea of beauty. with tattoos, i feel, you may become typecast for a certain body of model work. & i would think that a models aspiration would include dreams of mass popularity in all markets. with that said, todays new age model standards are changing the game in many forms. the tattoos give models an edge; but will that edge prove worthy of career longevity?

imagesource | redmodels

digital identity: patrick kafka

shot by kosmas pavlos, major model management’s patrick kafka displays his boyish qualities as seen above. i’ve watched patrick’s exposure spread like a disease across the fashion industry & fashion blogosphere alike. you may recognize him from other posts here or his campaign with trussardi last spring. im looking forward to seeing him on the runways of mens fashion week, which is nearing with each day. as more of his work appears it will be posted. he’s one to watch.

imagesource | morphosis

digital identity: miguel iglesias

miguel iglesias is represented by ford models. the images you see here were pulled from the lope navo‘s photography book, ‘stark’. pushing the limitations of sexuality & erotic photography, miguel was shot among many other men for the 120 page book, which was published last september. miguel is among the top male model searches here on the blog & these images are evidence of why. im always eager to see more work from miguel as he doesnt work as much as i believe he should be. miguel is from the famous iglesias family & has made moves in modeling through editorial & runway work. he’s one of my favorites.

imagesource  | modelhommes

model introduction: sabrina

the astonishing lines you see on your screen are those of sabrina. represented by boss models, sabrina appears through the lens of david perez for her test shoot in light of the new year. entering 2010 as new representation, sabrina’s model fate will be tested this year. we’ll see how well she will do through any other images that are released & possibly see her on the runway. i feel like she could do very well in a high end market. i always love a brunette model & her photographic presence is undeniable. in these images she seems to be very aware of her form & how to create interesting lines with her body. very chic.

imagesource | bossmodels

digital identity: anthony gallo

anthony gallo is represented by major model management. in addition to doing work with abercrombie & fitch as well as some editorial work, anthony is still on his way to becoming an internationally recognized male model. here are images from his latest polaroid shoot. polaroids are a vital piece of any model career puzzle. the polaroid never lies. there is no option for hiding flaws through the lens of a polaroid. casting agents usually use polaroids as a quick source of memorizing one model of the millions of models they see & consider from day to day. anthony’s physique & hispanic features set him apart.

imagesource | mms

digital identity: dominique hollington

dominique is represented by red model management. here he appears in his latest image shot by samuel zakuto. dominique has had an impressive year appearing for the gap japan’s 40th anniversary campaign, in addition to his puma & united colors of bennetton ad sets. he has appeared editorially for i-D, italian GQ, british GQ & vogue hommes japan- he even walked in the versace show in milan for last years men’s fashion week. his resume continues to gain indestructable strength as his looks & hood to high fashion features create a new market for a different set of male model talents. get familiar, he’s the future.

imagesource | redmodels