karlie kloss + jourdan dunn for i-d

when martin luther king said he had a dream, i think he was referring to this cover. more specifically, im talking about the point we’ve come to in history, within that history, the diversified culture we now live in has successfully trickled into the confines of the fashion industry. represented by women model management black, british female model, jourdan dunn appears alongside white, american born karlie kloss of next models ny for i-D’s latest cover series. what’s so beautiful about this cover is the aspect of reality it touches upon. when the camera stops flashing & the studio lights dims; when the set is wrapped & clothes are put back on- these two girls are actual friends. i think so much of the industry, shit, life in general is so obsessed with the concept of competition. those reeling spurs of fights, drama & blowouts- we ain’t talking at the salon either, wear my love for beauty thin. there is nothing more enchanting than beautiful, powerful females that dominate while being able to co-exist as equals in the same industry & share a cover, along with a spotlight & a friendship with one another. here, i wasn’t particularly taken by the nudity, nor did i pay much attention to the bold prada stripes that covered jourdan & karlie’s nude torso’s rather, i smiled & said- this is fashion. as our world rapidly changes through turmoil, natural disaster & manic press coverage all at once- it’s things like this that make you stop & say, ‘damn, look where we are, look at what we’ve done’. karlie & jourdan gracing a cover that is shared is a dream come true & both females are wildly successful in their own right. while we haven’t even entered the mid-way point of the of 2011, this is the cover of the year for me. this is, by definition, true beauty.

imagesource | tfs