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PARIS – bum rushing the fashion calendar by overlapping the closing collections of men’s fashion week in paris, the house of versace hit the haute couture runways, boldly, making this their second season in their return to couture. strong, glamourous & fearless is the versace woman who is represented by the collections produced by the italian fashion house each season. as last couture season focused on use of hardware & the concept of warrior women, similar elements of strength were reflected in this collection. while the palette was reminiscent of a rainbow, the atelier versace couture team really allowed a greater focus to be emphasized in the beading of the collection. there was an expansion of corsetry in this collection, a modernized take of course. bodices became cages & floral elements were reinterpreted through perforated textiles & sheer gowns. all too familiar for donatella versace was the fact that the couture show was held at the ritz, where her brother gianni versace used to show his couture collections eight years ago.

in true versace fashion, the front row was filled with hollywood starlets & musical personalities- if you didn’t know, celebrity filled show seating arrangements began with  the house of versace. overall, the couture collection was truly a representation of what the versace woman is- bright, bold & ultra-glamourous. while i admire some of the concepts, there was definitely a misrepresentation of luxury in contrast to some other couture collections. understandably so, i appreciate that the house of versace was built on high glamour & exaggerated forms of beauty, but some choice in textiles were not as refined as one would have hoped. yet & still, the collection is another solid set of looks that exist in the true DNA of the versace legacy. donatella has done an incredible job representing what the versace woman is, as a true posterchild for that image. as i did last season, i wanted to include high quality images so you can understand the level of craftsmanship that is put into a couture collection. stay inspired.


PARIS – in their return to the runways of haute couture, donatella stood in front of a gold mirrored stair case in paris to unveil 15 jaw-droppingly gorgeous, extensively detailed haute couture gowns. just when you thought you could count the italian fashion house out, due in large part to their collections with fast fashion retailer H&M, the iconic atelier versace collections come crashing onto the runway. in anticipation of the collection, i had been looking at archived collections, both ready to wear & couture of versace, designed by donatella’s brother gianni from the late 80′s into the 90′s. what i love of versace is their use of sex through sophistication. when gianni versace was still alive, death by murder in 1997, he had a way of taking flash & turning it into trend. he took the gaudy & unwearable, transforming it into the chic & ultra-feminine. this move made an indelible mark on high fashion & versace remains one of the most iconic fashion houses for it. in the heritage of the italian label, gianni became known for taking hardware & making it wearable- using taboo concepts & churning them out on the glittering runways of milan & paris. for a while, the couture side of versace had become dormant along with the labels diffusion collection, versus. through industry trials & financial woes following the death of gianni, the house of versace has definitely stayed in the fighting spirit. headlines of downward revenue have been circling for years but now it seems that the label is hitting their stride once more in the new year. take for example, the H&M collections. one thing is certain of H&M, they know how to produce fashion for the masses & the inclusion of versace with their annual design collaboration allows a wider audience to partake in the fashion festivities while not having to suffer the escalated price points. the success of this collaboration brough a new level of luxe to H&M, also proving to be a golden union for versace who has been looking to push their design presence even further into the new & modern market. following their fall collection, versace also opted to follow-up with a cruise collection in a continual effort to push themselves upon consumers who will never be able to drop a couple grand for a gown.

on the heels of their fast fashion domination, the house of versace, under the guidance of donatella, have clearly not forgotten about their home in the luxury market. i was extremely excited to see that they would be making a return to the couture presentation circuit in paris, considering that they had only been producing custom looks from their made-to-order division. all things considered, custom isn’t couture. a few altered hemlines so that your titties sit right is nothing compared to hours spent by the atelier, hand beading a custom gown with a metal neckline. absent from the couture scene since 2004, the collection marked a goddess like return sound tracked by operatic excellence that was beautifully contrasted by the ultra-modern, hyper-sexual image that versace has become known for & delivered so well. dubbed “warrior women” by donatella herself, video previews of the collection truly evoked this persona as models- in order- karlie kloss, daria strokous, maud welzen, jasmine tookes, kendra spears, kati nescher, josephine skriver, lindsey wixson who stole the show with super sass, kate king, arizona muse, sara blomqvist, karmen pedaru, sigrid agren, kasia struss & rose georgiou modeled the 15 hand crafted pieces. do keep in mind that simple images do not do pieces like this any justice. i wanted to take time to find high quality images for you to get a better sense of the artistry that is represented in each piece, with every detail & design technique. exaggerated silhouettes, hand beading, laser cut leather- the collection was a beautiful return to haute couture & im hoping that the house of versace will stick around, with such glamorous consistency, for the next decade. collections like this remind you that fashion is not ‘just clothes’ but an ar tform of historical proportions. [source]

collection images: versace, resort

with announcement of a collaboration with H&M, it seems as though the versace label has no plans to slow down anytime soon. based in italy, the versace label is set to see a new era unfold in front of our very eyes. in death, gianni versace historically gave his sister donatella versace’s daughter, allegra versace a 50% stake in the company. allegra alone holds the largest stake & has for quite sometime since her childhood. allegra has spoken, regarding her work with the label, saying that she has now become more greatly involved & is in the midst helping with creative elements with collections & other aspects of the luxury brand. for the 2012 pre-season resort season, the versace casts daphne groeneveld while producing fun florals, bold colors & that signature feel of versace glamour that we’ve all come to expect, enjoy & admire. overall, the collection is a fitting piece to the versace puzzle & a consistent move toward creating a sharper vision of the new era in which donatella has crafted following the departure of her brother. exciting things are definitely on the rise for the house of versace.

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announcement: versace for H&M

fall collezioni, milan: versus

strict style & a dark palette allow the versus collection to thrive in it’s youthful approach to fashion design. with a perfect balance of flash & depth, the collection is gradual in it’s release of metallic triangular patterns, that really taps into a surprising direction of creativity which could only be credited to christopher kane. kane was picked by donatella versace to design the versus collection, which is, literally, the sister collection to the versace mainline. the versus collection was notoriously designed by donatella while the versace mainline was designed her brother gianni, whom created the versace label in 1978. when gianni was murdered in 1997, the house of versace rested in the creative grips of donatella who has a wildly successful run succeeding her older brother. the versus collection has been one of the most anticipated in my book. christopher kane is an incredible design in his own right & to combine his genius with that of donatella’s is one of the best collaborations in modern day fashion. here we see a much more developed collection than the last two seasons, being that presentations were used as the main vehicle present the collections. structure & caged element were outstanding elements of the collection & im still waiting to christopher kane really flex his design muscle with these collections. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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collection images: versace, pre-fall

taking a walk down memory lane, the pre-fall collection presented by the house of versace draws a larger focus on print. while much of the versace legacy is about over the top, gaudy, gold printed glamour; the print that was conceptualized for this pre-season set has a more modernized feel & cut. i love the printed blends of animal & floral, a concept i have not yet seen from any other designer. almost like a recap of everything the italian fashion house has done, the set is a collective of versace signatures- metallics, snakeskin, leopard print- it’s all done very well & true to the versace name. im expecting great things from versace this year; last year, with menswear & womenswear- i was completely blown away & am hoping to have that same reaction in 2011.

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spring collezioni: versus, milan

blending modern elements & retro style; the versus collection designed by christopher kane is one of interesting concepts to say the least. while on point through trend, the collection uses plaid & floral prints along with contrasts of color through color blocked design. my one minor note of the collection, as a sister collection of the versace empire, is that it is seemingly void of the ‘versace woman’. while some modernization is seen through the designs; i question the sell ability of the collection, as it differs greatly from what versace clientele usually seek. that said, donatella has mirrored many of the same concepts seen in the main line of versace. i admire the change in direction, though i do recognize a certain void. true of trend this spring.

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