collection images: elie tahari, resort

always interesting take on color, the elie tahair resort collection was based in a palette of golden yellows & sand tones that warmed to a set of bold salmon, eventually cooling to blues with khaki sprinkles. an air of exotic style is always felt fromt the tahair label & even in the pre-season this was still an active theme. a boundless showing of style versatility was seen as gowns, blazers & even hot pants seemed to make their way into the collection. i love the air of sophistication felt in the collection & really admire the number of looks that have been created. i feel as though the resort collections act as a pacifier for us fashion hungry consumers. with as wide ranged as the styles & number of outfit options these first few collections have spawned, designers have made a valiant effort thus far. the commonality of exageratted lines is well executed.

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