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collection images: elie tahari, resort

always interesting take on color, the elie tahair resort collection was based in a palette of golden yellows & sand tones that warmed to a set of bold salmon, eventually cooling to blues with khaki sprinkles. an air of exotic style is always felt fromt the tahair label & even in the pre-season this was still an active theme. a boundless showing of style versatility was seen as gowns, blazers & even hot pants seemed to make their way into the collection. i love the air of sophistication felt in the collection & really admire the number of looks that have been created. i feel as though the resort collections act as a pacifier for us fashion hungry consumers. with as wide ranged as the styles & number of outfit options these first few collections have spawned, designers have made a valiant effort thus far. the commonality of exageratted lines is well executed.

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fall collections, new york: elie tahari

romanticized with lace, the elie tahari FW11 collection was beautifully designed & presented on the runways of new york fashion week yesterday. high end details & refined concepts were seen as the collections overpowering black designs faded to an immaculate set of white. leopard printed trench coats were seen alongside fur, embellished blouses & an interesting fusion of digitally screen animal print was created for the collections gowns. creatively inspiring & jaw dropping beautiful whites allow the collection to soar for me- from white the palette became entrangled in a warm set of brown & caramel tones which eventually boiled to red, which closed the collection palette. there is a certain air of fearlessness felt this season from the tahari label this season; a great collection & strong set of looks that are beautifully designed.

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collections images: elie tahari, pre-fall

after taking a beige safari in the spring & seeing a powerfully black collection last fall, elie tahari presents a refined pre-fall collection this season. more formality was seen in the looks presented for this pre-season set. i really love the direction that was taken this season & appreciate the evolution of concepts seen over the course of the last two show seasons as well as the resort collection. here i feel a deeper sense of upper eastside chic; it’s more regal, more sophisticated- much more dramatic. wide legged trousers were matched to crisp oxford tops & accented with belted waists & touches of fur. it’s a return to classic style & i am very impressed with the result. it’s always very interesting to see how designers approach the pre-season; whether they reference their past season or hint at the direction they will take going forward. here, i hope they develop these concepts even further into new york fashion week, this upcoming february. a well executed direction this time around.

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spring collections: elie tahari, new york

the elie tahari SS11 collection opened with a soft, airy palette & progressive to oceanic blues, ending on a note of depth in black. belted waists & spots of metallic neutrals were all seen on the runway as a few shots of yellow were also seen. translated clearly each season is the elie tahari style signature. denim, leather, swimsuits, casual looks & office attire options were all presented this season & the collection was exceptionally strong. with a great sensibility to this season’s trend, style & direction were both executed amazingly this season. overall, a fair collection & solid showing in contrast to other collections.

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fall collections, new york: elie tahari

the fall collections of both menswear & womenswear seemingly represent the world around us. much like the current economical climate, its darkness everywhere with no end in sight. the fall collection from elie tahari takes on those trends while still managing to represent the tahari style signatures. skirts, hoods & shades appear within the collection in leather & fur detailing. as the collection progresses; the color story became lightened & took on a representation of hope; almost a light at the end of a tunnel. i’ve always considered fashion a form of art & runway is of the highest degree. i admire the clear translation of trends with brand signtures,  a solid collection that tahari clientele will love.

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runway images: elie tahari, ss collection

showcasing a neutral palette for their SS10 collection, elie tahari mixes their neutral shades with outstanding oranges with cameos of hushed yellows & blues making for a perfect spring contrast. rory tahari is the brand vice chairman & creative director. a fair collection.

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