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IMAGE ANALYSIS:  through the lens of inez + vinoodh, gisele is given another opportunity to shine for the pages of french vogue. i was reminded of words spoken by olivier theyskens about elegance to another this past week. “there is an elegance that can be inherent, natural, personal: you put a trash bag on a certain girl, and she’s elegant. it’s a gift that is almost physical.” said theyskens as i began to contemplate my favorite models. often times, poise is what i often associate with star quality, or what others refer to as ‘the x factor’. very few beings in the realm of celebrity these days possess or are even aware of this concept.

gisele, however, is very aware. i feel as though there is a certain level of confidence a model must possess, there is an air of assurance the best models have within them. there is a greater understanding of how to not only be beautiful, but to exude that energy outwardly & on demand. it’s that energy. you feel that energy in performance & when done correctly, that energy is transferred through an executed vision. through much of my observations of models, working & not both represented as well as aspiring; many poorly judge the profession of modeling as an easy job. like every job, it has it’s demands. there is an innate ability that models must be aware of; some have to work at it, while others are born to do it.

there is a reason that fashion audiences, even those outside of fashion, clamor at gisele on the catwalks & on the magazine covers. that energy is present. i pulled this spread to analyze because i have an intense fascination with the concept of icons. gisele being one of the new era, she has this ability to grab you. grab you in the way of effortlessness- it’s a look, it’s the slight arch in her back, it’s the way she turns her head so the sunlight can properly hit her bone structure to put out the best shot. that is a skill. a skill, mind you, that not many possess. much like athletes, models too have physical instincts & know their bodies. they make flaws, flawless. i pulled the images of the editorial titled, “perfect girl” that most impacted me. gisele being from brazil, there is already a level of comfort she has when styled in swimwear & shot on location at the beach. styled by emmanuelle alt, editor-in-chief of french vogue, gisele is among the favorites of the EIC & her cover bookings at the magazine make that very clear. also serving as this month’s cover girl, gisele shines as we would expect of her. from the neon swimsuits to the last shot that is heavily shadowed- i am willing to bet that not many of us can make a watermelon look that chic. gisele continues to defy the age limitations & supposed self life for models. gisele  is that bitch & reigns supreme as one of the last supermodels.

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charlotte casiraghi for vogue paris, september

while american vogue swaps actresses for supermodels for their september cover; french vogue flips the script & ditches their expected supermodel selection for royalty. fourth in line for the throne in monaco, charlotte casiraghi graces the cover of french vogue’s coveted september issue. while supermodels reign supreme in my world, i think royalty is a fair trade off. considering the royal wedding & the recent press focused upon monaco’s newest princess, charlotte’s cover booking is rather fitting of the current moment. as the grand daughter of grace kelly, charlotte is listed as an equestrian & has developed a noted presence in journalism. all that offical shit aside, the cover was shot by mario testino & really makes me think of american vogue. the commercialized trade off from carine roitfeld’s departure is most clearly felt in this cover- creatively & casting considered. the absence of models has shaken some fashion kids to the core as some responded with, “what the fuck? she’s not even a model”. that said, the cover is interesting & definitely makes for a conversation piece when considering royal legacies & high fashion editorial. while the remainder of the issue has been seen, as we wait for high resolution images to surface in the coming week, along with the other september covers; i will say that this issue is packed with the glamour, regality & opulence we’ve come to expect from french vogue. let’s hope the models return for the publication’s october cover. interestingly, im always looking to identify ethnicity & charlotte is of french, italian, monégasque, mexican, american, english, german, irish & swedish ancestry.

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editorialesque » isabeli fontana + clément chabernaud for vogue paris

beautifully bold tones, sexual chemistry- two aspects of image that are clearly represented for the pages of french vogue through the lens of mert + marcus. represented by women model management, isabeli fontana is seen colorfully for the pages of french vogue alongside male model, clément chabernaud of wilhelmina. as mentioned previously for the issues covers, some have noted photographic similarities to that of steven mesiel for a spread that used linda evangelista. what amazes me is this concept of whose to blame; in my constant review of editorial a number of people point their fingers every direction. similar aesthetics are seen in the work of mert & marcus, as the two have been known to pay tribute to the greats before them. while some question the inspiration as lack of creative ability, the purpose of serving up a beautiful image is demonstrated clearly. both fontana & chabernaud fit well together & i love the focus upon color. appropriate for the spring,  prada’s banana prints & versaces color splash patterns are all seen beautifully throughout the spread. isabeli is one of my favorites, as is clement- mert & marcus kill it everytime. in living color, summer never looked so good.

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isabeli fontana for vogue paris

through the commerciallly pure styling vision of emmanuelle alt, editor in chief of french vogue, isabeli fontana appears for the publication’s june cover. shot by mert + marcus, bronzed skin & vivid color take the stage as isabeli appears stunning looking something like linda evangelista. while the cover shot & editorial feature have been compared to photographic work by steven meisel, i love & can clearly distinguish which work is under the direction of alt. in the fashion publication game, the editors, especially the editors in chief, have this unbreakable reign once put into position & french vogue has an incredibly interesting timeline as of late concerning this heirarchy. emmanuelle alt, once the fashion editor at french vogue, you may remember as taking her place as chief february of this year. after replacing the void left from carine roitfeld, roitfeld herself has addressed the issue & revealed some interesting rumors in a recent interview had with the financial times. roitfeld broke new ground as the head of french vogue, allowing transgendered models the platform for fashion fame & used excessive nudity in tandem with jaw dropping, high-end glamour. for this roitfeld says that xavier romatet, heavy-hitting president of condé nast france, “didn’t like” her use of experimentation at the magazine. granted roitfeld has moved on, announcing projects with barney’s new york, what i respect about roitfeld is her approach to fashion as art. throughout the interview, roitfeld had discussed everything from her ex-friend editor in chief to mcqueen to galliano- the one thing that seemed to be a recurring theme was the concept of ‘artistry’. this approach resonates greatly with me & mirrors my own approach & for that i will always respect carine roitfeld. granted, my respect for roitfeld doesn’t effect the love i have for the commercial polish alt has broughten to the table- it’s just a different vision. noticeably, the re-introduction of french vogue has been seen under the direction of alt & through beautiful execution, this cover demonstrates that with fervor. all in all, the cover is stunning & with time things change. from french seduction to commercialized beauty at the end of the day the fashion industry has been built to sell fantasies of beauty; products both alt & roitfeld have sold incredibly well. i can easily separate the vision of both & for that, im inspired.

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kate moss for vogue paris

through the lens of mert + marcus, kate moss appears for the may cover of vogue paris. clad in armani prive with male hands surrounding her, kate flourishes through yet another year & another cover. seen against a bold red backdrop with a red lacquered lip to match, moss continues to defy the limitations of age, consistency & model demand in booking covers & campaigns effortlessly each season. editor in chief, emmanuelle alt continues to thrive in her efforts to represent a new, redefined interpretation of french vogue & i feel a greater sense of high-end, commercial glamour with her vision. it’s polished, still chic & new ideas are presented- with roitfeld, it was almost like a parisienne seduction, with emmanuelle it’s a full force presentation of clothes & supermodels. love the cover, the addition of arms add that extra boost. represented by IMG, kate currently ranks as the no. 2 female model icon while holding the rank as fashion’s third highest earning.

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editorialesque » sasha pivovarova for french vogue


shot for the april issue of french vogue, sasha pivovarova goes green through the lens of hans feuer looking wildy chic. styled by marie chaix, the spread conveys a stronger message of beauty & natural allure at that. as the first issue under the direction of new editor-in-chief, emmanuelle alt; im closely watching to see how gradually french vogue will evolve. in this spread with sasha, there is an underlying purity felt- a soft reflection of femininity & a bit of conservative, almost hushed, sense of sensuality. the shot with the green tongue adds a needed disruption of the rather tame images & clearly, a difference of carine rotifeld’s vision versus alt’s is being born in front of our very eyes. it’s edgy, alluring & very polished. sasha is represented by IMG models & remains atop my list of favorites within the modeling galaxy- here she is fresh & beautiful.

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gisele for vogue paris

represented by IMG under special bookings, brazilian runway legend, gisele graces the cover of the first emmanuelle alt chiefed issue for vogue paris. seen on the cover of the publications april issue, gisele appears through the lens of inez + vinoodh outfitted in dolce & gabbana. as the first cover in a new beginning for the publication, alt’s position has sparked reports of a new, more commercialized & very french, version of vogue paris. im very excited to see what changes will be introduced for vogue paris under alt’s direction & always applaud a gisele booking.  the cover is a beautiful representation of the spring season & gisele is the posterchild of effortless beauty. great cover, can’t wait for the rest of the issue.  

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