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fall collezioni, milan: emporio armani

with rumors swirling regarding armani’s retirement since last year, the FW11 collection presented by the emporio collection showcases more of what makes me feel so uneasy about the italian based label. a predominantly black palette with two small shots of blue was presented as a wide range of look was designed for the fall season at milan fashion week. dated & dull, the collection did absolutely nothing for me. as much as i respect armani, as a designer & living icon, i can’t understand what creativity is left within him in order to sustain another season. although armani himself has not announced any plans of retirement anytime soon, i am hoping that an exit is being considered; if even only for the armani legacy. for too many seasons, designs that are out of touch have been presented. i understand the importance to create your own lane in design, but don’t flee the pack for less tasteful concepts. im very dissapointed with what is seen & am hoping that the giorgio armani mainline will be able to, at least slightly, make up for the lacking set of design seen here. modernization is needed for the armani & badly.

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anna selezneva for emporio armani, spring

represented by IMG, anna selezneva is cast for the spring 2011 emporio armani campaign. through the lens of mario sorrenti, we see continuity in the advertising campaign direction between this season & last. incredible use of light & stunning contrast of texture, the armani label has hit a creative nerve & i applaud them for doing so. of the three armani sub-labels, giorgio armani, armani exchange & emporio- in terms collective creative credibility the emporio campaigns are my favorite. the usually stunning selezneva gives a moving performance as this season’s model of choice. an incredibly inspiring set.

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spring collezioni: emporio armani, milan

each season, giorgio armani attempts to provide high class design for high end fashion with his emporio collection. as much as i respect the legacy of the house of armani, in today’s fashion climate i find it much more valuable to weigh in & review collections with a sense of objection. each season a massive number of looks is presented, this season more than eighty pieces, yet; more & more im feeling a disconnect from what the rest of fashion considers glamourous. accuracy of the collection was felt in the color story presented on the runway. from cool gray to smoked neutral, we seen iced shades of blue & pearlized white, with a finale of pink design within the set. bad choice in print, with dated design & layering concepts were seen this season. use of sheer was completely questionable in the set as it was used as some form of an under layer for some of the collections dresses. i can appreciate juxtaposition in the way of vivienne westwood or even betsey johnson, but those fashion aesthetics were never fully intended to be adapted to any of the armani collections. while i understand the vision of what is attempted, here that attempt is failed. perhaps i find more stylistic value in the collection separating each look piece by piece. a powerful set in design by number, but in that large number little to any creativity or innovation are felt. while not looking to totally disregard or discredit what is shown; i loved the collections soft toned formal dresses with the one strap design. but all in all, i found myself greatly disappointed; expecting the best of the best from a house as iconic as the house of armani.

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menswear collections: emporio armani, spring

another designer focusing on the darker side of the spring fashion season, emporio armani slayed this season with a 86 piece collection. while the collection looked like a continuation of lady gaga’s ‘alejandro’, evandro soldati opened the show. the collection took the opportunity to use a lot of leather & rich navy blue’s for the current show season. while the designs seen entirely in black usually drown out design details, the emporio collection actually showcased them really well. modern design lines kicked the collection off & as the sequencing progressed more texture was showcased. use of camouflage & sheer textiles were unexpectedly incorporated with light greys & blues. as the collection further progressed, the palette went back to black, showcasing swimwear pieces & closing with a finale of leather looks from the ‘alejandro’ music video by lady gaga. overall, the collection was progressive enough to hold my interest. im glad to see that some form of modernization is being taken on for the emporio design team. allowing the armani label to become redefined for the new era, the collection was a valid effort.

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runway video: emporio armani fall collezioni

fall menswear, runway: emporio armani

the emporio armani collection provides looks for just about every occasion possible. the collection starts with a bit of ski travel attire then winds down to formal looks suitable for an evening out on the town. the ski/snow portion of the collection hosts bright colors, while the evening looks are seen mostly in black with interesting shots of royal blue & purple. a massive collection of nearly one hundred looks; armani threw it all on the runway this season. some of our favorite male models were spotted for this show; were you able to ID them based on the fall show packages?

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runway images: emporio armani, ss collezioni